Day 216 – So many days!!!

Amazing that I am at 216 days of consecutive blogging. Onward. Hoping for 365 days!!

IMG_8026Last night I discovered one of Roz’s assignments was draw your pets everyday. Oopps!!

I did four last nite. I thought three were done. This is Zoe peering at me around her favorite feather pillows hoping I was done messing and could now pay attention to her. Done with Caran d’Arches Neocolor II on Strathmore 500 paper. They loved each other.


Here’s another one of Zoe done w watercolor on Strathmore 500. I used the water brush. Lots of blotchy washes. Not a good look!! I really think it was the watercolor brush. Hard to get a big wash going with drips of water.

After looking at this photo decided it wasn’t done. No background and some more color on that green and brown and blue pillow. Or maybe it just looks not done when you compare it to the first one?!


Tom insisted on sitting on my lap most of last night. Have you ever tried to draw and paint with a determined cat on your lap?! Groan!

The good news. He sat still so long I managed to draw him.

Done with Caran d’Arches Neocolor II on Strathmore 500 paper.

Day 215 – Those Darn Dino’s.

These are my pseudoscientific drawings. My grandson is going to love these.

More Dino’s. As usual I had to write all over the page.

I picked out a few odd dinosaurs I have never heard of and as a former teacher and mother of three sons I have read about ALOT of dinosaurs. This one started out as rust and beige. He faded into the background. My caran d’arche neocolor II were sitting next to me so I started coloring. Like him much better a weird green blue and burgundy red. All the little circles were drawn with my Noodler Creaper Ahab. I embellished him with my Pentel Brush pen. Played with my waterbrush. Just had fun!! Wrote his name with my big black pit marker. .


I had to buy the Nanking Lizard with his huge claws and that weird long name. When drawing the geese today all I could think of was how much they reminded me of this Dino.

IMG_7988He also got a redo on the color so he would pop off the background. Rust and gold was not getting it. This time with piemonite and cobalt blue.


I just had fun with the T Rex. Wrote his name with my big black pit marker. Otherwise I used the same black pens. The greens are Tombow pens. White teeth the big Pitt pen. Where have you been all my life?!

Thinking about drawing a book of Dino’s for Henry for his birthday or Christmas. That would be fun for both of us!

Thanks for looking!!!