Day 215 – Those Darn Dino’s.

These are my pseudoscientific drawings. My grandson is going to love these.

More Dino’s. As usual I had to write all over the page.

I picked out a few odd dinosaurs I have never heard of and as a former teacher and mother of three sons I have read about ALOT of dinosaurs. This one started out as rust and beige. He faded into the background. My caran d’arche neocolor II were sitting next to me so I started coloring. Like him much better a weird green blue and burgundy red. All the little circles were drawn with my Noodler Creaper Ahab. I embellished him with my Pentel Brush pen. Played with my waterbrush. Just had fun!! Wrote his name with my big black pit marker. .


I had to buy the Nanking Lizard with his huge claws and that weird long name. When drawing the geese today all I could think of was how much they reminded me of this Dino.

IMG_7988He also got a redo on the color so he would pop off the background. Rust and gold was not getting it. This time with piemonite and cobalt blue.


I just had fun with the T Rex. Wrote his name with my big black pit marker. Otherwise I used the same black pens. The greens are Tombow pens. White teeth the big Pitt pen. Where have you been all my life?!

Thinking about drawing a book of Dino’s for Henry for his birthday or Christmas. That would be fun for both of us!

Thanks for looking!!!

3 thoughts on “Day 215 – Those Darn Dino’s.

  1. Madeline Hawley says:

    You HAVE to make a book for Henry! I was thinking about you doing that before I read your comment about it. These are wonderful.


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