Day 221 – A few ChiCkEnS!


My friend Marilyn Tomeo told me that Browns Feed and Seed has chickens and a turkey. On my way home yesterday I stopped by and drew those chickens. It wasn’t long before they ran off. Perhaps they were shy or I scared them!? As long as I stayed in my car they were happily running around and eating. Once I got out I had to follow them around. They climbed under fences and behind some of the accumulation at Browns.

So rather than chase chickens – I already had three pages of chickens. I decided to draw the store. It was fascinating with everything from signage that would make the American Pickers sigh with happiness to an old horse harness, the remains of a ghost and my favorite – an alligator concrete bench. The bench is because there’s an alligator in the pond next to the store. I will have to go back and look for him to draw but not while it’s cold. He’s hiding.

The more I drew the more I saw just like Tommy Kane says. I do wish I had either painted the fluffy clouds in the sky and or the pines behind it but I love the way it turned out.

Colors used. Burnt Sienna, burnt umber, cerulean, Quin red, cad yellow light, ultramarine blue, manganese blue
Greys were made by mixing the blues and the Browns.


These were adorable chickens. The brown one had on pantaloons. I am assuming they were both hens but I have no idea!! They both kept giving me profiles. Maybe that’s why chickens frequently appear that way? Colors used. Quin Sienna, burnt umber, cerulean, cad yellow light, ultramarine blue

Backgrounds are cerulean. Shadows cerulean and burnt Sienna.


Yellow dog came out to wag its tail and beg a pet. Too bad I didn’t have a treat for her. Poor old thing only had one eye. Maybe she got in fight with the alligator In the nearby pond.