Day 477 – last of Dr Sketchys 

Happy Halloween!!  

The first three are all drawn with my Noodler Konrad and Lexinton Grey ink. The colors are all Winsor Newton watercolor markers a few tombows and Wink of Stella Glitter pens. 

  Mermaid Lorelei and Mermaid McKenzie. What librarians do when they are not working!! Wear mermaid costumes and makeup like a character from Avatar. 

My two favorite mermaid sketches. Thier costumes were awesome which is why I saved them for Halloween. This was a twenty minute pose that had ten minutes added to it.  

 I was done in twenty minutes so i started sketching Princess Augusta our hostess. 

Mermaid Lorelei and Mermaid McKenzie

Twenty minute sketch. If I ever sit down to watercolor these this one will be great. I barely had time to start painting.  


This was a ten minute sketch. I spent most of the time on the tail. Much more fun coloring than the human part. I really like the tail part but the human part not so much. 

  Mermaid Lorelei 

 Looking at that part of would be an easy fix. Shave a tad off the right side of her face and draw in her right upper arm. Oops the things u miss when unate drawing fast. The last one with the Kuretake brush pen. Sometimes I just draw better with one than the other. I changed to my Noodler Konrad. 

Day 476 – Dr Sketchys part 2 

One more day in Inktober. The end is nigh!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  Love this mermaid pose. Mermaid Lorelei who is on Instagram was great. Held poses like a pro not the librarian she is in real life. 

  This one needs her pretty quotient raised. Murray body. Face not so much. 
All the poses and sketches are fast fast. Some poses are a minute. Some are five minutes. Longest pose is usually twenty minutes. The models though fascinating are not professionals. Sometimes they never hold still so you better draw fast. Draw the head draw the shoulders and work on down. Don’t go back. After three hours and ten large sketches I was exhausted. I intend to go back and finish these but between going to school packing for Paris, babysitting  grandkids and dogs I haven’t. I will I promise. 

This was a great drawing that turns into a disaster when I tried to color it. The eye ran. I changed pens after that. 

More tomorrow.  

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

Day 475 – Dr Sketchys

 The faun 14x 11″ 20 min  Kuretake brush pen, platinum carbon black ink, Winsor Newton watercolor markers, wink of Stella metallic pens. 
  5 minute sketch her feet were like hoofs!! 

Was great last nite. Lots of fun. Great costumes!! Contests, a drink or two and wild music to suit the fast sketching. 

After ten 11×14 watercolor sketches I was totally exhausted when I got home last nite. 😳  
 WIP – Let’s play a game! Trivia anyone?! Noodler Konrad, Lexington grey ink. Winsor newton red watercolor Marker. 

Even our hostess Princess Augusta was dressed up. I drew her when I finished some of the other sketches but she’s not done.  

 Her stockings get black stripes. And her clothes are black. 

  A teaser. There’s more to this mermaid!!  Noodler Konrad, Lexington grey ink. Winsor newton watercolor Markers, wink of Stella glitter pens. 
Stay tuned for more faun and the piece de resistance the MERMAIDS!!! 

Thanks for reading!!

Margaret xxx

Day 474 – what a day 

I almost forgot to blog. Came home from class and took a nap then left for Dr Sketchys.  

 Oops no blog post. So here I sit in the cvs parking lot waiting for Ruth and writing about Winsor Newton watercolor markers. I bought these to use at the fair last week when I went to City Art in Columbia- a great old fashioned art store on Lincoln downtown. The. I lost my sketchbook so no using them at the fair. 

   The colors I Have are odd. No Browns. One cad red never a fav with me. No cerulean or cobalt. Just Pthalo. No yellow ochre some of my go to school favs. 
  So these were colored with the six I had.  I will say I like the way they flowed. And the way they covered the paper. Lots of juicy color.  I hope to use them instead of my beloved Tom Bows. More tomorrow after add Sketchys where they will get a work out. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

Day 473 – my Merrills

  And some Inktober drawn with a Noodler Konrad loaded with Lexington Grey ink. These shoes have a lot of memories and I have been meaning to do this page since last May when Fealin Lin and I both got a pair of them. They are ultra comfy but hot for warm weather. Our feet were killing us because of standing all day at Cheap Joes at Fealins class. Of course the cure was a trip out to Mast General in Valle Crusis the most beautiful valley that is like time forgot it. One of Mikes and my favorite places near Boone NC.  

Fealin Lin!! 


  Mast general 

  Gorgeous tree behind Mast General 

  Inside Mast General 

  Inside Mast General 

  An old house. 


The church 



Barn near Mast General   
  A creek in Valle Crucis.  
The original Mast General store was in Valle Crucis. There are others in Boone Asheville and Columbia Sc and I think Knoxville. Just great old fashioned stores. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

Day 472 – She was too pretty!!😳

She was too pretty 30×40″ ??? acrylic 

At critique today the class loved the way she looked but the boss aka professor said she was too pretty so I spent today trying to make her less pretty. It’s hard to make a pretty girl not pretty. This is what she looks like now.  I should have known better than to use any pink. . 

I decided to use contrasting colors adding a lot of orange with cad yellow light for highlights. I also added some pure phtalo blue for darks. And bits of cad yellow light for  sparkles.  

I also like the area of carpet under the sofa. All the busy stuff. Fun!  

This is what she looked like earlier today. A lot of white on the sofa. I do like the sofa with more cad yellow light on it. The yellow in this photo is nickel Azo gold a rusty gold. 

 Thought u might want to see her pretty face that wuz up close. I do actually like her better now. Now to get her a little wilder and crazier. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

Inspiration for this week

Two super sketch books. These people can seriously draw!!!

Danny Gregory

Recently Tommy Kane showed me this incredible video of a flip-through tour of James Jean‘s recent sketchbook.

It’s awesome but what it inspired Tommy to do is greater still: a tour of his sketchbook from this past summer. I have seen this book and I have watched him draw several of these drawings and it is amazing. Obsessive, imaginative, hilarious and moving. Just like my old pal, Tommy Kane.

I hope it sets your week off in the right direction.

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Day 472 – A Toasty Day

  Aquabee sketchbook with a fine point sepia Pitt Pen. 

  And more Inktober. Danny Gregory the guru of Sketchbookskool and Everyday Matters is posting a Friday Challenge. The first one was draw your toast in INK. You should try it. Takes a while to get all those books and crannies.  

  Thought u might like to see it I stages. I also did a flipagram of it that I will post at the end. 

  Lots of seeds on this Costco multigrain organic bread. 

  And lots of holes for non artisanal bread. 

  The seeds as something to the sketch but the bread made with cane syrup is too sweet for my taste. 

  Everything seems to have sugar added to it lately whether or not it needs it – like chicken salad and pimento cheese and Krogers pie crust. Sigh. 

Almost done. 


All done. It took about an hour. The sketch is about 5×5 inches. 

Now get those pens out and sketch your toast!! 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

Day 471 -What a day


WIP – Ilenia – 30″x 18″

 Acrylic on board

I have had…or should I say 24 hours?? ALL my iphoto pics disappeared around 11 pm last nite and my iphone died today…supicious I have a virus…guess I will download some antivirus…but in the meantime its day 471 and I have to post a blog dont I???  As you know its Saturday…which means life modeling at USC Aiken….I had originally intended to go urban sketching downtown but did not feel up to it with the bronchitis I have had…hmmm do you think my computer caught it???

Tom offered to drive me and I said yes…I think I may have turned the corner finally!! HALLELUJAH!! BUT back to life arent here to hear me natter on about all my viruses lol…

HARD BOARD – what is it?  My friend Drew cut up a sheet of hard board for me.  It  is sold near the peg board at big box stores at $14 a 4×8′ sheet.  Hardboard is what we used to call masonite…slap some gesso or house paint on it and you are good to go for acrylic and two layers of gesso for oil.  ALOT of board for the price…try matching canvas with that cost! NOT happening.  Like plastic bags it will be here long after we are all gone.  If you drop it on the corners it tends to chip but otherwise great stuff…I have some that I painted on in collage that still is in great shape years later.

Brushes were 1/2 hog bristle and a 1/3″ filbert and a cheap house painting brush for the background. THe house paint brush is the kind that sheds hair…you get about 8 of them for a few dollars at michaels or lowes…great fun to paint with.

SO how did I paint Ilenia??  Colors used cerulean, Golden Nickel Azo gold, titanium white and pyrrole red with a dab of ultramarine blue…thats it..nothing else. I made the flesh by mixing the white with pyrrole red and Nickle Azo Gold. Cerulean was used to make the greys and lavenders as was ultramarine blue.  The black and dark browns are ultramarine blue and pyrrole red.

I drew her first with the Nickel Azo Gold with the smaller filbert.  Measured her and she stands 7 heads tall…her legs and feet could use more work…maybe tomorrow or maybe never lol..

I drew her head first..then marked the seven heads noting where each head length ended.  I also dropped imaginary plumb lines off of her chin to see where her body lined up…also horizontal lines to check on her arms..I had one elbow much too low for a while….I also checked the negative spaces between the arms and how the one  leg hit the chair, where the chair seat lined up with the right leg.

So what more is there to do…her feet could use some work. The background needs to be darkened…probably ultramarine to make her pop.  Today I was into having fun with the paint…trying to be accurate but if I wasnt I didnt care…

11 days till we leave for Paris!!

THanks for reading!!!

Margaret xxx

Day 470 – More Art Show

  From the state fair

 Miss Sarah – Anne Hightower Patterson –  Professional Purchase Award 

  Mark Conraddy

  Spirit Filled – Lois Hall   


Drews Starbucks painting  
Old Buddies – Ann Annrich


Hydrangea in Silver – Carol Sue Roberts  

Window Shopping – Jane Popiel    
Old Post Office Restaurant, Edisto – ToddBaxter 


Young charmer  – Ann Annrich

 The  Kings Cafe – Sally Donovan 

 Missed the artists name. Sorry!

These next two are amateur division. 


Missed the artists name. Sorry!   You know I am going to love a Jack Russell. And two is even better than one!!! 

Josephine Camel – Jayne Holland Love this camel. What a great face!!  
 Ceramic or mixed Media. Not sure which!!! 

Rose the Dragonfly Slayer – Diane Gilbert 


Things she carried – Wayne Thornley 

 Another of the great sandcastles. I wonder how they keep the sand stuck together??! 

Thanks for reading!! 

Margaret xxx