Day 470 – More Art Show

  From the state fair

 Miss Sarah – Anne Hightower Patterson –  Professional Purchase Award 

  Mark Conraddy

  Spirit Filled – Lois Hall   


Drews Starbucks painting  
Old Buddies – Ann Annrich


Hydrangea in Silver – Carol Sue Roberts  

Window Shopping – Jane Popiel    
Old Post Office Restaurant, Edisto – ToddBaxter 


Young charmer  – Ann Annrich

 The  Kings Cafe – Sally Donovan 

 Missed the artists name. Sorry!

These next two are amateur division. 


Missed the artists name. Sorry!   You know I am going to love a Jack Russell. And two is even better than one!!! 

Josephine Camel – Jayne Holland Love this camel. What a great face!!  
 Ceramic or mixed Media. Not sure which!!! 

Rose the Dragonfly Slayer – Diane Gilbert 


Things she carried – Wayne Thornley 

 Another of the great sandcastles. I wonder how they keep the sand stuck together??! 

Thanks for reading!! 

Margaret xxx 


Day 469 – I meant to 

Draw at the state fair but when I sat down to do it my sketchbook was gone. Thank goodness it was a new one and empty of everything but my name and address. 

So you will have to make do with some of my favorite paintings from the Fine art exhibit. 

The Canty Building. You can see it keeps on going and going and going. 

All of these paintings are professional class. I tried to list the names of the paintings. You should be able to see the artists names of u click on the photo.


Inscrutable with his ribbon. Hope u r not tired of him.  You know I am not. Lol. 


 Al Beyer’s Dog Oil Certificate of Merit What a great dog!! 
The back porch One of the first places. Watercolor I think but it’s hard to tell the categories. They aren’t separated by category. 


Ganges Morning watercolor I think. Quarter sheet. 

One of my very favorites. Nostalgia.  20×30 or so. Full of detail.  Love it. 

  Got chicken by Todd Baxter oil or acrylic. 3’x3’ish

  Monday Monday by Diana?! No idea the media. Probably watercolor 
  Sunrise over the Coosaw River -Tommie Towner. No idea the media but loved the colors. 


  Judge not the Cowboy-Trahern Cook-Too much fun!!! .


  Path to Enlightenment Rob Shaw – loved the feeling of distance in this one. 
   One of the enormous sandcastle near the dinosaur exhibit. All the dinosaurs moved. Kids loved it. 
More tomorrow. I really did want to draw. Boohoo. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx