Day 470 – More Art Show

  From the state fair

 Miss Sarah – Anne Hightower Patterson –  Professional Purchase Award 

  Mark Conraddy

  Spirit Filled – Lois Hall   


Drews Starbucks painting  
Old Buddies – Ann Annrich


Hydrangea in Silver – Carol Sue Roberts  

Window Shopping – Jane Popiel    
Old Post Office Restaurant, Edisto – ToddBaxter 


Young charmer  – Ann Annrich

 The  Kings Cafe – Sally Donovan 

 Missed the artists name. Sorry!

These next two are amateur division. 


Missed the artists name. Sorry!   You know I am going to love a Jack Russell. And two is even better than one!!! 

Josephine Camel – Jayne Holland Love this camel. What a great face!!  
 Ceramic or mixed Media. Not sure which!!! 

Rose the Dragonfly Slayer – Diane Gilbert 


Things she carried – Wayne Thornley 

 Another of the great sandcastles. I wonder how they keep the sand stuck together??! 

Thanks for reading!! 

Margaret xxx 


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