Day 457 – My Diebenkorn

Erica WIP 20×30 painted this morning at life modeling session at USC Aiken. She still needs a lot of work I think. Like fixing her saggy right Tata. I am also not enamoured of the greyish flesh color. And twitch her mouth to the left a bit. 
Richard Diebenkorn in his studio from an old Horizons magazine. 

 We have been studying Richard Diebenkorn who was an abstract expressionist and a Bay Area painters an influential west coast group starting in the 50s. 
A Beginners guide to Diebenkorn at from his recent retrospective at the British Royal Academy.  

 Coffee by Diebenkorn. 

Diebenkorn. Don’t know the title. It is  more similar to my painting I color. 

Diebenkorn Don’t know the title. 

  Bay Area painter Nathan Oliviera love the way it seems to fly. 

I would love to try Oliviera’s style but I don’t know where you would start. More about Oliviera

Other Bay Area painters are Elmer Bischoff, Thiebaud, David Parks and Thiopolis Brown. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx