Day 476 – Dr Sketchys part 2 

One more day in Inktober. The end is nigh!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  Love this mermaid pose. Mermaid Lorelei who is on Instagram was great. Held poses like a pro not the librarian she is in real life. 

  This one needs her pretty quotient raised. Murray body. Face not so much. 
All the poses and sketches are fast fast. Some poses are a minute. Some are five minutes. Longest pose is usually twenty minutes. The models though fascinating are not professionals. Sometimes they never hold still so you better draw fast. Draw the head draw the shoulders and work on down. Don’t go back. After three hours and ten large sketches I was exhausted. I intend to go back and finish these but between going to school packing for Paris, babysitting  grandkids and dogs I haven’t. I will I promise. 

This was a great drawing that turns into a disaster when I tried to color it. The eye ran. I changed pens after that. 

More tomorrow.  

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx