Day 456 -Inktober continues

Sometimes you need a do over. I actually drew this street cafe in Aiken twice. This is number two. I started drawing the horse first with my Lamy vista fine point but it would not draw.  Which is why it looks so scratchy. The ink would not flow. I threw in the towel and used the Noodler Konrad loaded with Platinum Carbon black ink. 

  It was going well till I smeared the eyes of the lady on the right.  Oops.  I used a white gel pen to try to fix them. I also could have used gouache and painted the scene but have not had time. It might help if I stayed home.  


Actually the first drawing.  So why else did I redraw?! Terrible eyes. And things in the wrong places.   I ran out of room for the horse.  Ooops!! 


Here is the photo the sketch is based on. That’s it for today from the river where the water is still muddy but behaving staying in its banks.  Something to be thankful for in the state or South Carolina- a river that does not flood.  

Thanks for reading. 
Margaret xxx