Day 454 – inky month


Really like this sketch with one blot in my copy book. The guys head. Oooopsss.  

 I actually rearranged the people at the inner bean to fill up my sketch. I started with the girl on the left and then the guy. The other two ladies were actually sitting behind him. Decided to move them. My guy needed company. 

This was drawn Monday in class while I waited for the teacher. I like her though I think both of these will look better when I paint them. 


 Spent the day hiking all over Aiken looking for pictures to paint.  I cajoled Adrian into modeling on the bench downtown.  She’s a pretty girl. 

And what’s not to love about a pile of hats?!! 

And fr the postman NOT to look at the camera and act like he was working. 

The parish hall at St Thaddeus where I stood in an ant hill taking photos.  

   I mean you look UP not down dont u?!

  Itch itch itch. 

Something about the guy and his truck. Maybe the shadows?! Or all that red yellow and orange?! 

 Thanks for reading. 

Margaret who is ready for a nap xxxx