Day 465 – keeping up w Inktober

Day 17 Lake Jocassee from White Water Falls This one really needs paint. Hard to find Lake Jocassee in all the mountains. Despite this being Inktober some things scream for color! 

Now you can see the lake!! 

I thought about drawing White Water Falls the longest falls in North Carolina but waterfalls never turn out well for me.  Perhaps it’s all that black rock?! 
Mayberrys in Brevard. Cute little restaurant there. Great food great staff. 

I really liked this sketch til I was trying to fix it last nite and my Noodler Konrad bled all over it. What the heck. I have only had it a few months. Back to the drawing board. 😜

The last hydrangea. Freeze warnings out. This is includes the view out the window. I need to draw them both!! 

 But the question is which way?! Photo one of photo two and while u r at it would someone run downstairs to the car and get my bag of pens from the car please? 

I cover my sketch books stickers collected on my trips. Often free but who could resist this one for $1?!

Ps did I say my cold is back?! Only two weeks and two days til I leave for Paris. No time for a cold!! 

Thanks for Reading. 

Margaret xxx

Day 464 the last Best of Augusta #4

Another favorite of Bill Karp. Bytw he’s playing at the Cotton Patch in downtown Augusta this Saturday nite. 

I really like Bill’s stance in these.  Especially the first one. 

  Hand is a little rough but otherwise I like it. My excuse?? 

It was 9 pm and I was tired and on a sugar high from all the sweets at Best of Augusta. 
Oh what was my favorite food?? T’s out on Mike Padgett Hwy. They kept the hot hush puppies and fried catfish and tartar sauce flowing. And it was perfectly cooked. Everyone else had chicken chicken and more chicken.  
The last sketch I did of Bill. Not a perfect hand but I like it.

We left loaded up with cake, cookies and Krispy Kreme donuts.  All those sweet treats still sitting on the kitchen counter. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx