Day 452 More Coloring Book Painting 

Still watching the river!! Hoping everyone is staying high and dry during this monsoon.   

 Inktober 5 – Ladies at the Bean  loved this group as they sat and chatted away a rainy morning. Hmm well I think the lady on the left is great but the lady on the right is not bad either. Lol

The left lady had the greatest expressions and was birdlike in the tilt of her head. 

Drawn with my Noodler Konrad and Platinum Carbon Black ink. 

Jan – love the wet and wet colors in the quilt which is cobalt cerulean Winsor yellow and Quin gold. Skin muddied Quin coral and yellow ochre. Hair burnt sienna and inathradone. 

The Yakker  or is it The Smoker?! Can u find her cigarette??? How she managed to keep that cigarette in her mouth while she talked like crazy I have NO idea. She was so entertaining to watch. She was larger than life in every way from her huge purse to her ample proportions. 

Skin is burnt sienna or Quin sienna.  Not sure which. Quin red shirt.  Hair is inathradone and burnt umber. Cigarette is white gouache.