Day 461 -Best of Augusta

And a  good excuse to add to the Inktober sketches. Best of Augusta is the restaurants and musicians who were voted best in the Augusta  Magazine and is held annually in Sacred Heart- the old Catholic Church I drew about a month ago. 

I drew at least a dozen sketches last nite. These are two of the audience members.  

A lady in the audience enjoying the music. I loved her Hair and the hat. Done with my Pentel brush pen. 

The shading was smeared because using just the black ink would be too dark. Think she would be fun to paint but I am getting way behind on the painting. 😳  

This man was in the queue to get beer. Then he sat down right behind me. 😜 I drew him with my new Noodler Creaper ahab but was having problems. So after a few sketches I switched to the Pentel brush pen and my drawings were much better. 

Sacred Heart 

Inside Sacred Heart

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx