Day 450 – Inktober

 All I can say is WOW!!!!  450 days of consecutive daily blogging. And I didn’t think I would make thirty. 

 Jan  DAY 1

Noodler Konrad pen w carbon platinum black ink Super Aquabee tablet 

  Decided to really drove myself nuts and participate in Inktober. Aka posting an inksketch daily for the month of October. I tend to do art everyday anyway so it’s not a big stretch just to do ink sketches all month. Takes the pressure off doing watercolors too lol though I bet I end up painting some of them. 

Old Man at Panera Day 2 

Carbon platinum pen w carbon platinum black ink Super Aquabee tablet  

Not happy with this sketch. This guy was in his eighties. Lots of wrinkles. Eyes set deeply in his head. He was busy giving someone his power of attorney. The things you learn when you sit and quietly draw while people yammer on about their lives on their phones. 

 If I had taken a photo of him I would have redrawn him. Although the carbon platinum pen has a very fine point I don’t think it gives you the range of lines that the noodlers do. And it was hard to do any fine shading on his small face. 

  The Smoker Day 3 

Noodler Konrad pen w carbon platinum black ink Super Aquabee tablet 

What a character! A lot off wild waving of  her hands with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth, bright pink shirt orange overdyed black hair. I had to draw her. 

 Notes about drawing 

All my sketches are drawn from live people not pictures unlike my finished big watercolors which are usually drawn from photos. I think it gives the drawings more life. And people that know art can actually tell they are from real life as we say. 

Drawings are more successful if I lay down one line and don’t fiddle with it. Original line is usually the best. 

Been practicing life drawing almost daily for a year. 

Faces often easier to leave them out because that’s usually where I screw up a sketch like the old man.  The heads need to be fairly large to draw a good face. 

Start drawing from the shoulders and add the head- the attention getters.  Then the rest of the body. 

Favorite pens : 

My star pens are any Noodler pen.  I have several and love their flex nib. These were done with my Konrad because my big ahab is leaking. I am going to redo the rings in the ahab. It’s hard to beat because it holds loads of ink and is cheap at $23 at

I am also fond of my Lamy Vista fine point and the Carbon Platinum pen. 

Brush Pens Pentel and Kuretake. The Kuretake is an elegant Japanese pen. And very reasonable at $20ish. 

INK hands down favorite is the ultra waterproof Carbon Platinum Black from Goulet pens.  DO NOT BUY IT FROM AMAZON. The ink there looks like goulets but runs like crazy. I use CPB in my Kuretake too. It’s the reason I bought the Kuretake. The Pentel is a great brush but sometimes the ink just is not waterproof. 
Other inks I like a lot are the super waterproof De artementis DOCUMENT brown and Noodlers Lexington Grey. Also from Goulet. 

I have a Bottle of Noodlers Eelskin which is supposed to be waterproof it isn’t for me. 

Smooth paper is a must for ink sketches. Favorites are superaquabee, Stonehenge or other Bristol and strathmore Mixed media 500 and Stillman and Birn Alpha. All but the S&B Alpha do well with watercolor too. 

Ok my chickadees that’s enough for today. Hope you haven’t caught this virus half the world seems to have in Augusta Ga. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx