Day 1834 Oh Christmas Tree A Happy New Year!!

Drew a picture of my Christmas tree today so I could remember it when I take it down.

Worst part was finding a good green to draw the tree. I needed spruce green but that would have been too easy right. Splattered also with brush loaded with damp watercolor pencils.

The Lettering is not really on the page. I added it with a program called Rhianna on my phone.

I think I will journal about this Christmas on the left page. Rather memorable our first one at the mountain cabin in Sapphire NC – a lovely spot to celebrate it.

I drew the tree with my trusty watercolor pencils. I started by drawing a tree shape. Then the ornaments and garland. I should have done the lights next oh well.

While drawing I listened to a couple of great Christmas shows one on PBS called Dreaming of a Jewish Christmas about the all the Christmas songs written by Jewish writers -White Christmas -Irving Berlin Do You Hear What I Hear,” “Silver Bells,” “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” “Holly Jolly Christmas,” “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree,” “Winter Wonderland,” “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” and “Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!”

And The Man Who Invented Christmas about Charles Dickens on Amazon who single handedly revived Christmas.

Both well worth a watch or a listen.

Margaret plotting her show at the Aiken Arts Center next month. Xoxoxo

Day 1837 Christmas Candy

Sometimes it’s fun to draw a collection. This time it’s Christmas candy collages with bits of epherma I keep to add to the page.

Before I splattered it. Did you know you can splatter with a watercolor pencil?!! Just dip the paint brush in a lot of water and then swipe it across the “lead”. It will get juicy and add color for splatters. First time I did that with a watercolor pencil.

I went back and did it to Lucy Dog too. I think it needed a little color don’t you?! I also darkened the letters.

before splattering.

Back to my tv binge. Alternating between the Romanoffs and Mrs Maisel. So far Mrs Maisel is soooo much better but Romanoffs ep 1 was rather wonderful set in Paris with lots of French dialogue for me to try to comprenne. And I did une petite peu. Xoxoxoxo

Day 1836 Saturday

Another small crowd. Jessica painted on Yupo. 20×24 I think.

Or should I say playing with Yupo. Need to work on her face some more. Add some darks on either side of her chin and mouth.

First break

I was painting on the Yupo vertically -a slick plastic paper which makes the paint sheet off and run. Drips run all over the place. Fun stuff. Also let’s the paint puddle.

One thing near about it is that you can draw on it with a watercolor pencil and use a damp Kleenex to correct your lines. Sanguine watercolor pencil.

Second break. I coated her with quin gold and burnt sienna.

Another great thing about Yupo is I can wipe the whole painting off and start over again fresh next Saturday if I want. Spray it with water and wipe off with a paper towel or a rag or two.

Drew Murphy acrylic 2×3′ Final

Second break

Fred first break

Fred final

Bill Daniels oil

Amy Lockhard Ness Watercolor

Rich Klein oil

Forgot to take a pic of Als and coach’s. Oops.

Margaret putting her feet up with the remote. Mrs Maisel or hmm. Brokenwood mysteries on Acorn. Xoxoxox

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Day 1835 getting the sketches done

Toward the end of a book I just want to finish it. Only ten pages left in this book. Or is it right?! Anyway. Colored the playground sketch with my watercolor pencils. Into binge watching Mrs Maisel Love it and Agatha Raisin cute.

I used about a dozen faber castell watercolor pencils to color it. Mostly greys and sky blues. Three greens. And one dark blue. And orange and a red for the composite on the ground.

Margaret thinking about finishing Mts Maisel but it’s so good I should savour it. Xoxoxox

Day 1834 Cashiers

At the playground called Village

Play. Took the grandkids there yesterday in freezing cold weather. We had a picnic then they played for at least an hour.

And I drew the playground.

Actually I was interested in the tree and the castle part of the playground.

Lamy Ef Eelskin Black stillman and birn.

Now back to my nap at home with my feet up on the coffee table wondering if I slept thru the same movie twice does it mean it’s boring or am I Tahred. Xoxoxo

Ps Mrs Maisel on Amazon IS keeping me awake. Watch her!! She’s awesome.

Day 1833 Boxing Day

Always wondered why we don’t celebrate it. Yesterday I drew Lucy dog while she was patiently waiting for her mom and dad to go for a walk. She waited and waited. Watching and hoping. So patient.

Lamy Ef Eelskin Black Ink. Twisbee with Deartrementis document ink. Stillman and birn alpha

Great article about fountain pens in the NYT

Love my Lamys. All seven of them. Or is it eight. Second are my beloved Pentel brush pens then my noodlers two Namiki falcons and a twisbee.

Top to Bottom Lamy Safari Lamy All Star EF Lamy Vista and a Twisbee. The 2 Namiki Falcons another Lamy Safari and Pentel Bruah pen are in my car out of ink. 😵

Babysitting the grandkids to day. Playground in Cashiers and pizza for lunch. Their parents are heading to the Baltimore to see the Christmas decorations. Later. Margaret. Xoxoxo

Day 1832 Merry Christmas

We made 18 page accordion coloring books yesterday. Well I made them. 😂

One side was Christmas the other side – they got to pick the subject.

Livie picked Paw Patrol and Henry Pokémon- his favorite characters.

Side 1
  1. These are made out of one full sheet of paper no binding.
  2. Fold the paper in half the long way.
  3. Then fold the long folded paper into fourths.
  4. Open the paper up and cut the long fold 3/4 of the way to the last fold of the book.
  5. Refold it along what was the long fold.
  6. Then refold quarter folds to make your accordion book.
  7. Have fun drawing in it. 👍🏻

Margaret in the mountains ready for a long winters nap. The 6:30 am wake up from gleeful giggles was a LONG time ago. Xoxoxox

Side 2

Day 1831 Piggies everywhere

I think I can make and drink a whole cup of hot tea in the time it takes to load a picture. And loading a picture is only possible in one or two spots.
Life in the mountain cabin!! Aka no internet no WiFi aka off the grid. Obviously not this one. Will move and try again. 😱🤪🤗

Well that did it. Seat at the kitchen table nearest the Christmas tree. Putting an x on the upload spot.

Lamy Vista, Stillman and Birn alpha, cad red light alizarin hematite green viridian burnt sienna cerulean burnt umber.

Margaret getting ready for a day of making art and cookies with the grandkids. In other words I need an early nap. 🤗🎅🏻🤶🏻🎅🏻😏🎄🎄🎄

Merry Christmas Eve!! Xoxoxox

What do the birds think?!! Piggies everywhere #cardinals #ink #outdoorlife #watercolor #stillmanandbirn #sketching #drawing #painter #lamyvista #Augusta #Georgia #squirrel #nature #birds

Day 1830 Urban Sketching

Having trouble uploading from the cabin in the mountains. We have WiFi if we twitch our nose and stand on the far north corner of the deck we get phone signals.

Colored with the crayons colored pencils I bought for my grandkids fun coloring with them. We are also coloring one of the fancy coloring books. Also fun.

Hohoh. One more day til Christmas.

Margaret in the western North Carolina mountains. Xoxoxo

Day 1829 It’s Saturday

But since it’s three days til Christmas only eight people came today. I didn’t finish her today. But I will after Christmas. That’s actually my jacket I bought in Rouen France bear the Rouen Cathedral on the Rue des Gros Horlage aka the street of the Big Clock.

Her sweatshirt was too dark against the black block her arm rested on so I offered it to her. All those angles and triangles and diamonds. Eekkkk. She loved it because it’s very cozy.

Spent the first forty minutes drawing her. And I erased it lightly so the pencil wouldn’t show so little on her face.

Second break eeek. The times flying by.

One more time. Fluid cold press with Charles Reid colors.

Fred forty minutes. I really like this a lot but it’s a terrible picture. Fred’s definitely getting an interesting style.

Drew Murphy first break.

At the end. Think it looks great but I don’t think he thought so.

Coarch Larrys charcoal

Al Beyer oil

Amy and Rich escaped before I got a chance to take a pic of theirs.

Was looking at this one from last week this morning. I actually like it. Is. Just need to lengthen Emily’s hand. Funny how not looking at a piece changed your mind

Margaret worn out from baking all day. Off to the mountains tomorrow. Xoxoxox

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