Day 1836 Saturday

Another small crowd. Jessica painted on Yupo. 20×24 I think.

Or should I say playing with Yupo. Need to work on her face some more. Add some darks on either side of her chin and mouth.

First break

I was painting on the Yupo vertically -a slick plastic paper which makes the paint sheet off and run. Drips run all over the place. Fun stuff. Also let’s the paint puddle.

One thing near about it is that you can draw on it with a watercolor pencil and use a damp Kleenex to correct your lines. Sanguine watercolor pencil.

Second break. I coated her with quin gold and burnt sienna.

Another great thing about Yupo is I can wipe the whole painting off and start over again fresh next Saturday if I want. Spray it with water and wipe off with a paper towel or a rag or two.

Drew Murphy acrylic 2×3′ Final

Second break

Fred first break

Fred final

Bill Daniels oil

Amy Lockhard Ness Watercolor

Rich Klein oil

Forgot to take a pic of Als and coach’s. Oops.

Margaret putting her feet up with the remote. Mrs Maisel or hmm. Brokenwood mysteries on Acorn. Xoxoxox

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