Day 1833 Boxing Day

Always wondered why we don’t celebrate it. Yesterday I drew Lucy dog while she was patiently waiting for her mom and dad to go for a walk. She waited and waited. Watching and hoping. So patient.

Lamy Ef Eelskin Black Ink. Twisbee with Deartrementis document ink. Stillman and birn alpha

Great article about fountain pens in the NYT

Love my Lamys. All seven of them. Or is it eight. Second are my beloved Pentel brush pens then my noodlers two Namiki falcons and a twisbee.

Top to Bottom Lamy Safari Lamy All Star EF Lamy Vista and a Twisbee. The 2 Namiki Falcons another Lamy Safari and Pentel Bruah pen are in my car out of ink. 😵

Babysitting the grandkids to day. Playground in Cashiers and pizza for lunch. Their parents are heading to the Baltimore to see the Christmas decorations. Later. Margaret. Xoxoxo

Day 1832 Merry Christmas

We made 18 page accordion coloring books yesterday. Well I made them. 😂

One side was Christmas the other side – they got to pick the subject.

Livie picked Paw Patrol and Henry Pokémon- his favorite characters.

Side 1
  1. These are made out of one full sheet of paper no binding.
  2. Fold the paper in half the long way.
  3. Then fold the long folded paper into fourths.
  4. Open the paper up and cut the long fold 3/4 of the way to the last fold of the book.
  5. Refold it along what was the long fold.
  6. Then refold quarter folds to make your accordion book.
  7. Have fun drawing in it. 👍🏻

Margaret in the mountains ready for a long winters nap. The 6:30 am wake up from gleeful giggles was a LONG time ago. Xoxoxox

Side 2