Day 1807 A quickie

My favorite restaurant Louie’s Backyard. I could eat there everyday if I could afford it. So delicious.Sitting out on the back porch enjoying the breezes off the gulf and a cosmo or two. Amazing lemon cheese cake. And I am not a cheese cake fan. Rock shrimp to die for. Tams quip of the day- Beware of deer aka bicycle riders. Hahahahaha

Iguana Chasing thru the bushes at the condo

Annoying the chickens for pics

What a handsome boy!! ❤️❤️❤️😎😎

The better to paint you sir!!

What if one of those roosters decided to chase me?! So far so good. I really just follow them around taking pics and or drawing them.

Margaret who got sidetracked even though I meant to post this this am. Oopsey. Better tomorrow I hope. It’s Saturday. You know what that means!! Xoxoxox