Day 1835 getting the sketches done

Toward the end of a book I just want to finish it. Only ten pages left in this book. Or is it right?! Anyway. Colored the playground sketch with my watercolor pencils. Into binge watching Mrs Maisel Love it and Agatha Raisin cute.

I used about a dozen faber castell watercolor pencils to color it. Mostly greys and sky blues. Three greens. And one dark blue. And orange and a red for the composite on the ground.

Margaret thinking about finishing Mts Maisel but it’s so good I should savour it. Xoxoxox

Day 1834 Cashiers

At the playground called Village

Play. Took the grandkids there yesterday in freezing cold weather. We had a picnic then they played for at least an hour.

And I drew the playground.

Actually I was interested in the tree and the castle part of the playground.

Lamy Ef Eelskin Black stillman and birn.

Now back to my nap at home with my feet up on the coffee table wondering if I slept thru the same movie twice does it mean it’s boring or am I Tahred. Xoxoxo

Ps Mrs Maisel on Amazon IS keeping me awake. Watch her!! She’s awesome.