Day 1828 – The Card Process – A Christmas Tutorial

What to do with sketchbook pages you never sewed together.

Make cards.

I used blank pieces of Stonehenge print paper.

Rip an inch or so off to make the pages fit the envelopes. These are 5×71/2″.

More if your envelopes are smaller.

Load a number 8 brush with Viridian or Hookers. Start at the top and brush down keeping the brush at a 45 degree angle.

I also add ultramarine and or burnt umber to the brush too. Every once in a while burnt sienna. Add some very watery peacock and some mineral violet for the snow.

All of this is done QUICKLY.

Put some soupy cerulean on for sky. I roll my brush to make a sky effect. This probably should have been done first BUT I am always too impatient to get to the tree. I also splatter some soupy quin gold and mineral violet on the tree and the sky.

Don’t forget to blot with a Kleenex if the paint is too thick.

Set it up vertically and let it run a bit. Then blog again if you need too.

Let dry.

Splatter more Color into the sky. Alizarin Peacocok blue more mineral violet.

And of course some will end up where you didn’t intend. The fun of splattering.

Splatter with some glimmer mist gold using a brush you don’t care about. I don’t know if it would ruin your sables because it’s acrylic based or not.

I think you can still get Tattered Angels glimmer mist at hobby lobby.

Give it a spritz with the gold glimmer mist for a gold shimmer.

I also splattered it with Golden pearlescent paint watered down. Makes great snow.

You could also use Golden gold Acrylic paint to splatter or Daniel Smith’s iridescent gold and pearl.

Last splatter with diluted cad red light. A great color because it’s opaque so the green does not bleed thru unless u add too much water.

Do not use red gouache. I tried. Its too thick.

I made the tree topper by changing the angle of my splatter. Then I splattered in a line across the tree for garlands.

Drying cards. Made 7 more yesterday.

Seven new trees

I should have painted the back side with clear water to flatten them but the mail seems to have done it for me. Hurrah.

fun effect Spraying with glimmer mist while the cad red is still wet makes the cad red bleed. Kinda like the glow effect.

Hohoho off to a Christmas lunch knitting meeting. Better get cooking.

Xoxoxox Margaret and Zoe

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Day 1827 Busy days

Quick post

Two Jacks the bridge players at Earthfare. Colored with my Faber castle Watercolor pencils.

Glad to report that my missing favorite Lamy a Lamy EF that writes and draws like a dream was found. On the floor board of the car. Where else would you loose a pen?! Hurrah.

One hat for Livie done. Henry’s almost finished. My secret Christmas project and seven more cards done and mailed. Santa Claus can see the finish line.

Margaret off to bed with her poor wet Zoe who was out in our endless rain. Xoxoxo