Day 1817 Gesture time

I do love doing gestures. Number 1. A little off.

I think these were all three minute sketches of Kate Marie. Been meaning to post them for a while. They really do work as a warm up. You get better as you quickly sketch the models various poses. Some of them were killer.

Done with derwent sketch pencils. Big thick things.

I think these are actually watersouble graphite but like posting the gestures I never got around to it.

In my super aquabee sketchbook.

An adult sized hat approaching the finish line. Lots of French knot ornaments and some twizzles to knit for the top.

Or is it a Grinch hat. No that would be chartreuse green right?!!

Margaret whose been out in this freezing drizzle all day and wishes she had a warm snapping fire in the fireplace to come home too. I guess I will settle for Zoe. Xoxoxo hohoho