Day 1814 Added Benefits

Of my dog sitting is that I usually draw the dogs at least once or twice. Depends on how long I stay. It makes a nice record of our family dogs through out their lives.

A not so great side benefit is that I can tell when they are fading which makes me sad. I do wish our pups could live forever. Or at least as long as we do. Should be a rule. On the other hand the pounds would be worse off than they are. Zoe and I have been toying with adopting another lab friend for us. Right now falling on the no side. But who knows.

Noodler Eelskin Black Ink and Lamy Ef in my Stillman nd Birn Alpha. May or may not get paint. He’s a black and white polka dotted pit bull.

Margaret tired from baking two apple pies from scratch AND hunting all over town for yarn to knit Christmas twizzle hats.