Day 1825 Guess what I have been doing today!!?

Not knitting. Is the spell broken!? Not one stitch. Instead I made these.

Darn I should have taken pics of the process.

Step 1 Let your inner child out. Paint a tree with hookers green mixed w ultramarine or burnt umber or burnt sienna. Touches of quin gold are good too.

Step 2. Paint the snow w peacock and or cerulean and dabs of burnt sienna or mineral violet.

Step 3. Wet the background with a brush loaded with water and add cerulean or peacock blue to it. Then splatter it w alizarin. Let dry.

Step 4. Splatter the background with watery cerulean, cad yellow deep,mineral violet. Also quin gold. In other words have fun.

Step 5. Splatter garlands and Star with a size 8 kolinsky sable and cad red light because it’s opaque. Cad yellow deep would work too.

Step 6. Splatter with gold paint. I used glimmer mist because it was out and handy but I could have used my golden gold acrylic or my Daniel smith tube of gold watercolor. Both are beautiful colors.

The rest of the forest. painted on Stonehenge print paper I used my #10 davinci sable or my #8 Isabel sable for all painting an d splattering.

Margaret ready to address the last envelopes and finish that hat.

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