Day 702  Home for a Day or Two

And hope to stay that way for a day or two. Finishing up my John Salimen Notes and Sketchbook journal.  

Judy a bit chinny – We stayed Saturday to watch a cityscape Demo and of course most of our class was there. 
Funny he does his cityscapes the same way he does his abstracts. That’s Interesting isn’t it?! 

Here’s the first page of the notes with a sketch of Judy. It was too much fun embellishing them. 
No idea if I spelled the name of John’s mentor Chun Kee Chi right. 

Page two with some audience member. 

And I finished Collaging the cover with ephemera mostly picked up in Knoxville. 
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Margaret xxx

Day 701- a Chandelier or three or five 

Happy Memorial Day!!! 

Journaling about 5 Restaurant. They only serve five entrees five main courses five drinks five deserts, etc. Got the idea?!! On S Gay Street near the Market Square. It’s loaded with all kinds of chandeliers and quirky art. Just a fun place and the food is delish. The bread pudding. Unbelievably good. I don’t like bread pudding. Tastes kind of gluey to me but this one was amazing. We shared it but I bet u could have eaten it all by myself. 

The chandeliers were a pain. First I coated them with Quin good and let it dry.  They I painted and repainted it with a black kid. I finally got out ivory black and had at it. Then I got out the white gel pen. I had planned to keep my whites but NOPE that plan sketch astray. 

I had been using my cad yellow Winsor Newton watercolor marker. Perfect. I went over the gel pen and at least got some yellow back. NO I didn’t hit it with water. Who knows what might have happened. 

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Margaret xxxx

Day 700 – Cityscape Demo

Amazingly John painted this in less than two hours. 

Here’s John Salimen with the painting. 

His reference photo 

He can talk and tell you why he painting what he is and turnout an a great painting  in less than two hours. 

Showing it off in an early stage. 

He masked his whites with two inch 3 M masking tape. His tip. Get it at a hardware store. NOT an art store. It’s cheaper and stickier. 

My TIP Don’t get it at Lowes no one there to help you there. Oh and 3 M brown masking tape is the same thing as Scotch tape. HUH?! TOok me three stores and the Sherwin Williams guy pointing out the fine print on the Scotch tape. It’s made by 3M!! Duh!! 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

Day 699 – A Cityscape 

I drew this at 7 am from the fifth floor window of the Marriot where we were staying. I got up early I could no longer resist the view.

 I wish I had thought to bring one of my long Stonehenge strips to do a panorama on it.  As it is I ran out of room. I always do when I draw these. 

Thinking about  darkening the sky. What do you think.  

I didn’t fill up the page because who wants to look at more parking lot. And it was time to go to Sugar Mamas for breakfast. What a fun place that is. Quirky. They even had an opera there one night. Really they did.

Palette Ted Nuttalls transparent watercolors. 

Thanks for reading. 

Day 698 Pondering

Our sweet friend Jeanette thought a lot about her painting. Her she is lost in thought. 

Her painting was wonderful of course. So luminous. 

Once again this portrait was painted with Ted Nuttalls transparent colors. 

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Margaret xxx

Day 697 Raisin working 

My roomy Raisin sat next to me in class painting away. Totally into her painting and not paying attention to the fact that I was sketching her. And yes she has red hair. 

This was painted with the Ted Nuttall palette paint that I posted a couple of weeks ago. 

Bytw was reading the Daniel Smith  watercolor chart checking color lightfastness. Their alizarin is highly fugitive which means it can disappear even out if UV light. I think it got a 3. How did I miss that all the times I have looked at that chart?! 

Will be ditching that color for the permanent one. Just in case u are using it. 

A lightfastness of three means it may not even last two years in the dark. 🤔

And a little progress on the new  abstract. More will have to wait til next week. 

Thanks for checking by! 

Margaret madly packing for another trip. Xxxx

Day 696 – Memories

Best thing about a travel journal is the memories when you look back through it. 

Raisin and I shared some awesome deserts and a free shot of Jameson’s is always welcome!! 

This was a pretty great strawberry shortcake at Calhouns on the Tennessee River. The view was fabulous. Will post it when I get done painting it!  Riverside is a wonderful place to eat especially when it’s a different river than the one i live on.

The lines on this page are made with a Wonsor Newton watercolor  markers and a Daniel Smith watercolor crayon that I got at Jerrys Artarama during the demo. 

I color with them – draw lines -and then release them with water which let’s them bleed where they want to go. A really fun effect.  
And I started this last nite. Forgot to eat dinner. Must be fun right?! Hmm 🤔 full sheet arches 300# 22 x 30″ eeekkkkk

Thanks for checking by. 

More Knoxville fun to come. 

Margaret xxx

Day 695 – Another Journal page 

I drew this the first day of class during lunch. It’s the Old Knoxville Business District around the corner from our classroom door on an alley that runs parallel to S Gay Street, Knoxville’s main Street. 

It called my name the Minute we rounded the corner from S Gay to Jackson Avenue to unload for class. 

Here’s a detail. Maybe 2″x 1″. My favorite bit of the painting. If I could just do this all over it consistently. At least I got this bit right. 

An interesting tidbit.  According to a friend of mine who lived in Knoxville thirty years ago the city riff raff used to hang out in this area. 

Lots of hides holes under the bridge down from S Gay Street to Jackson now barricaded and inaccessible because they are covered with bars. 👀 I had  wondered if it was some kind of odd jail til my friend told me this today. 

Our Alley 

 Colors used – well mostly I under coated all the buildings with a grey made with cerulean and burnt sienna. Then adding various mixes of Quin gold and alizarin over the dried greys. The windows are Inathrodone blue and burnt sienna and finally lamp black. Blue is cerulean in the buildings and sky. Dabs of hookers and Thalo green.

The start of another abstract. I have to transfer this 8.5″x 11″ drawing to a full sheet of Arches via a grid. What can I be thinking????🙄

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Margaret who thinks she loves urban sketching or is it a travel journal?! Xxx 

Day 694 – A Few Journal Pages

In between doing the laundry and unpacking I have been playing painting my class notes travel journal. 
This one has a lot more sketches of fellow students and even sketches of local spots in Knoxville. A GREAT town to visit. Very walkable. Great restaurants and shops. 

This is Mary. She sat behind us and we really enjoyed getting to know her. 

Barbara Jernigan the president of Tennessee Watercolor Society that made all our fun possible. Kept us organized and eating OUT at the delicious local restaurants. 
Thanks for checking in.
Margaret home between the fun. 

Day 693 The Remainders 

Judys Sorry these pictures aren’t better. I had not figured out I could take a better picture of them behind me where Linda was recording them for John. I had to take them across a large room til I turned around. 

I am not sure who even did some of these. Sorry. If anyone looking at these knows please let me know. 


?? The grey haired lady whose name I never knew. She would spend hours leaning against the wall looking at it from a distance. 


Raisin my sweet adorable fun roommates doing her own thing. 

Mikes the yellow made this one. 

Susans luminous painting 



Really hate the pics aren’t better and that I can’t identify the artist. 


I think that most of them are pretty spectacular. I just hope we can go home and make another when we don’t have input from John.


 He was a super teacher and some of these paintings like Mikes were saved from the shredder or being used in the garden to keep weeds down like my friend Ruth does with her rejects. 
It was quite a personal battle bringing one of these to completion and definitely outside a lot of our comfort zones but John made success possible. I bet he lay awake at nite thinking how to cure some of our paintings. 

Just for lads Raisin Jeanete and I trying on shades. 

Thanks for reading. 
Margaret xxx