Day 693 The Remainders 

Judys Sorry these pictures aren’t better. I had not figured out I could take a better picture of them behind me where Linda was recording them for John. I had to take them across a large room til I turned around. 

I am not sure who even did some of these. Sorry. If anyone looking at these knows please let me know. 


?? The grey haired lady whose name I never knew. She would spend hours leaning against the wall looking at it from a distance. 


Raisin my sweet adorable fun roommates doing her own thing. 

Mikes the yellow made this one. 

Susans luminous painting 



Really hate the pics aren’t better and that I can’t identify the artist. 


I think that most of them are pretty spectacular. I just hope we can go home and make another when we don’t have input from John.


 He was a super teacher and some of these paintings like Mikes were saved from the shredder or being used in the garden to keep weeds down like my friend Ruth does with her rejects. 
It was quite a personal battle bringing one of these to completion and definitely outside a lot of our comfort zones but John made success possible. I bet he lay awake at nite thinking how to cure some of our paintings. 

Just for lads Raisin Jeanete and I trying on shades. 

Thanks for reading. 
Margaret xxx

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