Day 683 A bit More Ted

Finally finished painting my notes. So will share them with you the next few days.  I tried to use every color I had and then I splattered the pages without sketches. And sometimes I splattered the sketches too. 

How to paint shadows. 

I kept working on Jan. For some reason I forgot to paint her upper arm the first go round. Duh.  And I think splattering improved everything. 

To splatter I just made a soupy color and slung it off my brush. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx who thinks she might be over the crud. I hope!! 

Day 682 Ted Nuttall

A sketch I did of him during class and painted later with sloppy dots of course. 

Some food for thought from Mr Nuttall. 

A few pages of my notes. 

I got a little carried away painting them with watercolors. 

His palette 

And yes drawing is critical. Something to practice daily. I usually do. 

Stay tuned for more Ted. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx