Day ?? 

Really getting on my nerves that I think I am Posting on this site and somehow it keeps ending up on that other Wierd site that I never used til recently. And that was a total accident. So I am posting this again. Sigh. 

Since I have been sick I have sat in the living room a lot more. My dog honey is much more visible there so she’s getting drawn. She hangs out in the window or sprawls on the rug. 

When we sit in the Den shes usually in her big comfy bed behind the sofa. 
These were drawn with my Boodler Creaper ahab, carbon platinum black ink In a superaquabee tablet. 

I stated this page with the middle dog. And it did not go well as you can see. So I thought papers messed up keep drawing and got the really good head on the right. The one on the left is good too except for The mess in the middle. 
I am Posting this to show even if you can draw things just go wrong sometimes.  
Keep sketching.
Thanks for reading 
Margaret xxx