Day 677 – another 

Lucy June aged 90 Painting done Thursday. I really like her knitted scarf. 
The palette. Most of the colors are Winsor Newton or Holbein though I substituted Daniel Smith Quin gold. 

Ted chose these colors because they are transparent watercolor. And NO not all watercolor is transparent. Cerulean isn’t. Both he and Jean Dobie limit their palettes to those colors that are transparent which allows their watercolors to have a great depth of color done with multiple layers. If they were not transparent the colors would turn to mud. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

Day 676 – Ted day three 

I have always doodled while sitting in meetings. Yesterday I took it to a new level drawing anyone who was sitting at an angle to me. Of course I started with the teacher. 

Then I drew a class member Jan. And interspersed her sketch with more notes. 

Next up Anne Peck a sweet lady from Washington state. And yes there was one lady from Hawaii. Mari won the prize for the longest trip. 


I never quite finished painting this sketch. I was using the leftovers on my palette from the days painting.  I never quite got

The brown streaks in her hair. 

This is the colors we are using.  Really love using just straight transparent watercolor. 

Christine. Her fourth Ted class!! 

Really enjoyed flipping thru my notes looking at the sketches of my classmates. I think it will be a great memory. 

Another sketch of Karen. Sorry Karen I made you too fat.

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx