Day 686 And the notes

Keep coming. I wrote more than twenty pages I think. The sketch of the Doctor is spot on. I think the blonde lady’s  name was Nancy. I think. 

I only drew people on the front row or people standing in front of Teds paintings. A captive audience is easy to sketch because they hold still Listening!!! Try it next time u r in a meeting. 

And I had a lot of fun painting the notes. My grandson Henry painted with me. A painting of the cabin for his mom for Mother’s Day. 

I also used my Winsor Newton watercolor Markers on them. And then washed them out. There’s alot of pigment in those markers.  

Love the way he frames his art. He floats them on mat board. And then uses another mat to frame them.  I need some miracle muck – the glue he uses to hold the paintings on the mat. And he only uses light frames. No black no gold. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx