Day ? – John Salimen

Oh my what did we sign up for?! Abstract Watercolor. 

Mine so far. OH my oh my. Unlike anything I have ever done. 
The start. Sorry for the bad photo. 

We had to draw four random items on four pieces of tracing paper. Stack them up and trace all of them on one piece of tracing paper. 

Then we gridded the traced objects and transferred them via a grid to a full sheet 22×30″ watercolor sheet. 

First we had to trace of an interesting shape for white space and cut out the tracing paper. Then we painted a yellow line around the tracing paper so we wouldn’t loose our whites. 
My abstract was  ready to paint. 

First layer was use a variety of yellows reds and oranges plus a sprinkle of salt. 
Oh my will all these dark 2b pencil lines to away?! Scary stuff. 

The whole thing is scary but learning something new usually is. 

Here it is now ready to torture me some more tomorrow. But you know I really like the way it is going. The whites are taped to preserve them while we do some more torture tomorrow. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret 👀😳🙄😁