Day 688 And that’s it!! 

The notes. I hope. This one looks just like Kevin.  But Brenda not so much. She’s much prettier. 

This is our second class with her and she’s really grown as a painter. She’s taking Charles Reid next year so we will see her again!! 

I guess we are the First of May bunch. Several of  us show up at Cheap Joes the first of May every year. 👀 Lots of fun.  

Think More.  A tall order from Me since I paint intuitively. Better post it on my easel. 

Ted was so funny. He couldn’t remember the fifth thing but he told us to check his Facebook page because sooner or later he would post it there. Lol. 

Taking an Abstract class with John Salimen in Knoxville. More about that tomorrow. All I can say now is OH MY!!
Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx