Day 1090 The End of Dr Sketchys

really this is it. I posted this one the other day but am posting it again because I did this and the next one in twenty minutes. I started over because I didn’t like the ink one. Thought the arm was too big. Looking at it now I think her head was too small.

This one actually got to the watercolor stage. And I had a lot of fun just dripping paint into the background for a different look. That was done with a drippy brush loaded with color that was allowed to drip like rain drops. It was not splattered.

Twenty minute sketch. These are all about 14×18 give or take.

And the last one. I made an interesting discovery. I painted the sheet black clothes first. Let it dry then I painted flesh color over it so they wouldn’t run together or grey out the flesh. Her first almost nude pose ever.

Paper is superaquabee. Pen is a Noodler clear ahab with Noodlers Eelskin ink. Palette is the winsor newton travel palette plus all the DS Quinacridones.

Sorry for the late post. Walked in the door and back out. All day long. Very busy day.

Hugs Margaret. Xoxoxox

Day 1088 Its Saturday again

mine. Strathmore Bristol 18×24. Quin pink raw sienna sepia cerulean thalo blue ultramarine blue burnt sienna and purple on the palette. Drawn w a 6B lead.

Alex’s lovely start. He will scrub it off next week and start a new one on the same

Piece of paper. Bills oh so interesting oilDawns nice oil painting. somebody new. A friend of Toms. Oil Fred rocks. I think this might be a favorite of mine. Tom Needham watercolor GReat job Tom. really like coach’s charcoal. Tyrones pencil sketch.

Als large oil.

Alexis charcoal. A Good crop was all it needed. One benefit of drawing on paper.

Ttyl Margaret xoxoxox

Day 1086 Dr Sketchys part 1

Started this one over but looking at it I think I like it. Amanda was a great model. And always soooo funny.  Done with my new Noodler Ahab. Super aquabee tablet-almost full. Time for a new one in reserve. Actually drew this one twice. I thought her feet were too big and her arm too long so did a do over. 
The rest are two minute sketches done with a pentel brush pen. Perfect for inktober posts!!

I won the first challenge. Then drew a blank on adding an element.  So I wrote the word. Then I added my wink of Stella glitter markers. Gold black green and red on the monkey. He said he needed some too. Loved drawing the red monkey. Amanda would talk to him and was a hoot. 

Ttyl. Off to Costco. Have quite the list!!

Margaret xoxoxi
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Day 1085 inktober Feet!!

This one was screaming for color.  Hmm they usually do. Drew my feet then the Feet words trying to cover up some writing on the first page of a new Stillman and birn alpha. I put my name and address on the wrong page. Oops.  But one of the things I like about a Stillman and birn softcover journal is their ability to lie flat when opened so double page spreads are enhanced.  
Since I had scribbles in the left corner and woke up dreaming about scribbling all over the painting I am working on it was on,y natural that I scribble foot related thoughts all over the page. 

Lamy EF Noodler ahab and a pentel brush pen with black ink. 

I colored it with my prismacolor artstixs. So much fun to use.  
Gotta run. Off to buy some paint pens to scribble on my big acrylic painting. Thinking dance dance dance at chat noir!  Hope al downt grump too much about it. 

Margaret on a deadline. Xoxox

Day 1083? Arts in the Heart

I started this during Arts in the Hearts but it was so hot I finished it at home last week. The people are a mish mash from various downtown events I have taken photos at.

I am sure Al would say the perspective was off but it was 9000 degrees that Saturday too hot to draw or think and one of the reasons I didn’t finish it til last week. Just didn’t get around to it.

Ttyl Margaret xoxoxox breaking in a new Noodler Ahab. A vista that does have a marked odor. Wonder if it will go away.

Day 1082 Breakfast anyone?!

Not much or a breakfast type but this has been it lately. Almost always kombucha. And frequently a honey crisp apple til they run out. And if I have them a croissant from Costco. Love Costco croissants. Thank goodness the fattening deliciousness aka croissants are gone.

Pentel brush pen Lamy EF for fine lettering Stillman and Birn Alpha and Ted Nuttalls transparent colors plus Andrews Turquoise.

Ttyl Margaret xoxoxox

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Day 1081 Inktober more Crows

It took me a couple of hours to draw all these crows. Lots of fun. I was trying to keep them fairly loose with line carrying the impact. Stillman and Birn alpha Lamy EF and that filled the sketchbook up. Yeah.

And most people’s favorite.

Margaret xoxoxo off to Atlanta

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