Day 1080 inktober Crows.

for some unknown reason other than I saw a pair of crows on tv last nite I started drawing them about 10:30.

I stayed up til about 1 drawing crows. What was I thinking. I actually used google photos as references. Since I wasn’t copying them I wasn’t worried about copyright. Interesting birds. So smart.

Maybe I find them fascinating because my older brother had one when we were kids. Prince fell out of a nest in the woods behind our house and my brother hand raised him on cans of dog food.

When we moved to Augusta from Norfolk we couldn’t find him so he could come with us. He always came home to roost. The neighbors said he looked for us for quite a while. A great bird.

Drawn with my Lamy EF.

Ttyl margaret.

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Day 1079 RBD

also known as really bad dog. Caught honey with her head buried into the new 16 lb bag of cat food. Now half empty. No wonder my dog is getting fatter and fatter. Otherwise she’s an rgd. Really great dog. More often found as a dog rug on the floor sleeping or hopeing for hand outs. Not stealing food or eating like a pig.

Painted with ultramarine blue burnt umber aureolin and cad red light.

Ttyl margaret xoxo

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Day 1078 Inktober fun

Well unless you use non permanent cartridges for your pen. Oops. They ran a little when I started painting. Double oops.

Just little bits of birds out of my brain. Been reading and watching Felix Scheinberger on YouTube.

Sap green Joe’s Turquoise marine blue cad yellow light and hmm winsor yellow thalo blue ultramarine blue Quin coral Quin red cad red and alizarin

Margaret in a hurry.

Day 1077 Lest I forget Toby!

What a well behaved horse. A Percheron pony that you think is white til u look at him closely. Lots of greys and even black. W some yellows.

Look for Toby and Sarah in an ad for Aiken soon!!

Quin gold cerulean burnt sienna and umber ultramarine blue. Lamy EF on crescent cp watercolor board.

Margaret back to my nap. Xoxoxo.

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Day 1066 Urban Sketching Aiken Style

Not often you see a pony being driven down a street well except in Aiken SC where anything horse related goes.

Our friend Sarah texted us to come and see her do just that and of course I had to draw them heading down Williamsburg Street with a film crew not far behind. I didn’t stick around to see the filming but did manage a couple of quick sketches. Inktober has its demands, doesn’t it? Constant care and feeding

The pony is her Percheron named Toby and the guy with her actually competes in international carriage contests. Who knew there was such a thing!

Pen Lamy Safari on Creacent cold press watercolor board.

Colors used. Everything on Ted Nuttalls transparent palette plus cerulean Andrews Turquoise sap green and hematite green.

Margaret xoxoxox

Urbansketching Aiken Sc style #horses #Inktober #inktober2017 #aiken #ponies #percheron

Day 1065 Its Saturday

Was not to wild about the angle that I had on the model today so I moved at first break. This was done in about 40 min. Ink because it’s Inktober! Her hip was the biggest thing that I could see. And I cut off her left foot. Story Ilania!

So I moved the easel and started over. Maybe it’s better?! Not sure. But there was no view from the head end at all. I used white gouache to add highlights.

Pentel brush pen. Strathmore Bristol 18×24

More I look at it the more I am thinking garden mulch for this one. I painted most of it with a two ” flat Golden Fleece from

CHeap Joe’s and a BIG 16 Sable round.

Raw sienna Quin link Purple and thalo blue for darks. Some burnt sienna.

kathe Dennis pastel. Kathe Dennis charcoal Coach’s second. Pastel. bills oil with mine behind it. a students Tom Needham’s small watercolor Fred’s fun acrylic Drew Murphy’s. My favorite. Acrylic Al Beyer’s monster oil.

Coach’s. One of my favorites.

Margaret who now needs a nap. #Inktober #inktober2017 #drawingforsale #ink #aquarelle #watercolor #watercolorpainting #watercolour

Day 1064 more Urban sketching for Inktober

This may be a WIP. Thinking about more writing in the background.

Mobs of people in Nacho Mamas yesterday who begged to be drawn.

Funny story. One of my fav people was talking to the long haired guy with her back to me. I heard this laugh and I was thought who’s got Erica’s laugh. Duh it was Erica. Lol. They were just a few feet from me. But all I could see was her long straight black hair and I was so busy drawing I didn’t notice anything but her oh so fun laugh.

Stillman and Birn Alpha. Lamy EF Noodler Eelskin ink

Off I go Margaret xoxoxox

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