Day 1065 Its Saturday

Was not to wild about the angle that I had on the model today so I moved at first break. This was done in about 40 min. Ink because it’s Inktober! Her hip was the biggest thing that I could see. And I cut off her left foot. Story Ilania!

So I moved the easel and started over. Maybe it’s better?! Not sure. But there was no view from the head end at all. I used white gouache to add highlights.

Pentel brush pen. Strathmore Bristol 18×24

More I look at it the more I am thinking garden mulch for this one. I painted most of it with a two ” flat Golden Fleece from

CHeap Joe’s and a BIG 16 Sable round.

Raw sienna Quin link Purple and thalo blue for darks. Some burnt sienna.

kathe Dennis pastel. Kathe Dennis charcoal Coach’s second. Pastel. bills oil with mine behind it. a students Tom Needham’s small watercolor Fred’s fun acrylic Drew Murphy’s. My favorite. Acrylic Al Beyer’s monster oil.

Coach’s. One of my favorites.

Margaret who now needs a nap. #Inktober #inktober2017 #drawingforsale #ink #aquarelle #watercolor #watercolorpainting #watercolour

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