Day 1161 Its Saturday?!

terrific model. Macy again. I worked hard on this sketch. This is at first break. I did measure her hands. They are very long. She’s a tall slim girl. Probably 5’8″ or so. This is with the first wash of raw sienna and Quin pink applied. Drawn w a 6B lead and a 6B pencil.

Drew Murphy and his giant acrylic 4′ wide

Drews 4×3′ painting.

Rachel Millers lovely small watercolor quarter sheet.

Fred’s zany lady

Dawns quiet view

Bills interesting oil painting

Jeremy’s lovely head.

Coach Larry pastel

Al Beyer 3’x4′ oil

Marilyn Hartley oil

Thomas Needham watercolor quartersheet

That’s all folks.

Margaret xoxoxo