Day 1160 Inktober Day 6 hmm

Guess you have noticed I am posting one day late but hey I have done the sketch on the sixth so hmm I think it’s to early to be typing.

Going to take some

Dog paintings with me when I go to Atlanta for a nearby high end dog treat store. Hope they will take them. This sketch needs something else on the right. Not sure what but it will come. So will the paint.

Off to Aiken for life modeling. Happy Inktober!

Margaret xoxoxo

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Day 1159 Inktober Day 5

Can I Eat Yet? My favorite Vulture for sale lamy EF w Noodler fluid 140# paper

Watercolor soon!

Zoe needs some words but she’s for u less I have a brain wave for the words.

Paints used. Cerulean Burnt sienna burnt umber eyes. Cad orange and Indian yellow scarf and ruffle. Mineral violet and some odd blue on my palette for hat. Prussian maybe?!

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