Day 1157 Day three

Decided to dress Zoe my Jack Russell up for Halloween. She does LOVE clothes. I think she could have done without the paint.

Not sure I like this. Maybe because I drew her with the pentel brush pen. Not fond of the lines. And I couldn’t think of anything to right on it. Thinking of adding a sign around her neck I do tricks for treats which she does. She dances. I tell kids she escaped from a circus clown. His loss my gain.

If there ever was a perfect jack Russell Zoe is the best behaved one ever. Not wild at all. Not happy. Content to sit around and snuggle most of the time.

So I painted yesterday’s too.

Paint used : cat ultramarine and burnt umber, cad orange eyes. Cad orange and Indian yellow on clothes and pumpkins. Mineral violet background with cerulean and burnt sienna shadows.

Margaret with another busy day xoxoxo

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