Day 1078 Inktober fun

Well unless you use non permanent cartridges for your pen. Oops. They ran a little when I started painting. Double oops.

Just little bits of birds out of my brain. Been reading and watching Felix Scheinberger on YouTube.

Sap green Joe’s Turquoise marine blue cad yellow light and hmm winsor yellow thalo blue ultramarine blue Quin coral Quin red cad red and alizarin

Margaret in a hurry.

Day 1077 Lest I forget Toby!

What a well behaved horse. A Percheron pony that you think is white til u look at him closely. Lots of greys and even black. W some yellows.

Look for Toby and Sarah in an ad for Aiken soon!!

Quin gold cerulean burnt sienna and umber ultramarine blue. Lamy EF on crescent cp watercolor board.

Margaret back to my nap. Xoxoxo.

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