Rainy days

Poor soaked birds are flocking to the feeders on the back porch. I counted more than 20 finches six cardinals 2-4 doves chickadees wrens and titmice plus a blue jay or two. I could tell how many of they wore name tags. lol.

Drawn in a small alpha stillman and birn with an XF sepia pitt pen which barely smears at all despite my efforts.

Poor soaked finches out the den door

I couldn’t resist coloring the Cardinals for just a tiny pop of color. They are such gorgeous birds especially when they fluff up to stay warm on cold wet days. I colored them with watercolor pencils.

Margaret who turned the heel on her sock and is sliding toward the toe on this rainy day. Xoxoxo

One more thing

About the eye brow. It was flat. She has great eyebrows with arches not flat ones. Now they are arched.

So yesterday the tweaks I made. More hair on the front of her Head. Pushed her lower lip and chin back. Her upper lip is slightly longer. Heavier shadow under nose.

A chin line on her neck and a neck line on her shoulders.

Last but not least I narrowed her bottom hand. It was too wide. Might still be a bit too wide but she’s done.

Five minutes

and the other pile of gesture sketches I didn’t post from last week.

One minute

Three minutes

And the other five minute

And that’s a wrap!! Margaret on her second sock.

Done I think

Can u tell how I changed her?! It now looks like Ilaina. I only changed five or six very small tweaks. Take a guess and I will list what I changed tomorrow.

Here’s how she looked about ten minutes ago. That’s about how long it took to make the changes.

Drew Murphy’s. I forgot to post these yesterday. He’s been using a new kind of acrylic paint from Holland that he loves. Thick and buttery.

I took a pic when I thought this was Alexis’s but I think it’s my a lady named Amy who was next to Alexis.

And the gestures. Half an hours worth.

One minute vine charcoal on cheap newsprint

She did some fantastic yoga poses.

Next up three five minutes to complete the half an hour of gesture poses.

really like this one a lot. They were drawn with a general charcoal pencil Liked drawing with it much better.

And that’s a wrap for Tuesday life modeling.

Oh Dr Doolittle too much fun in a movie. Great cgi. And RObert Downey JR to swoon over. Think I will take my grandkids to see it.

Margaret Xoxoxox

Fixing the train wreck

The way she looked when I left life modeling today.

The way she looks now. I decided I had really messed her face up and decided to lift a half inch strip down her face as delineated by the pencil mark.

I used masking tape and a mr clean eraser.

The sketch

First break. At this point I was happy. Then down the rabbit hole. Sigh.

As many times as I have drawn Ilaina u would think it would be a piece of cake. NOPE.

No idea how I went so wrong. Still doesn’t look like her but she looks better.

I do really like her hands. Maybe I should just paint hands.

Margaret hanging it up for tonite.

Clean up

Shortened her torso. Still looks off but she’s done. No more messing with her. It’s possible her torso is still a little too long but I don’t care enough to do anymore to her.

Great thing about watercolor paper is you can turn it over and use the back!

I also changed the background on this one. Thought it was too much blue of course now I think the dark background is too dark.

Color me never quite happy with my paintings especially life modeling ones.

Margaret off to to see 1917 in a bit.

It’s Saturday

First break

Drew this view first but I really am not fond of a small figure in the middle of a large page. The figure turned out nicely but it’s almost as if a microscope is needed to see the figure in this drawing. So I moved to another more interesting angle that would fill up the page better.

This is what I ended up with. I only had an hour when I started so not bad for an hour. I should finish but probably won’t.

Her torso is a bit too long and what is with the left foot?!

Mostly painted with card red and yellow for flesh tones. Alizarin for darks or cobalt violet or a bit of Cheap Joes Andrews turquoise. Darkest darks cobalt and burnt sienna.

Black drape cobalt and burnt sienna. Yellow ochre and cobalt ok the lighter one.

Second break.

Drew Murphy who was to my right.

Al Beyer who was even further to my right.

And Fred’s. Gotta love this wild painting.



Then I was off to the framer to get Kristin to put these into frames I already had. Gypsy is off to a show in McCormick.

I also entered her in the National Transparent Watercolor Show. Wonder if she will get in. 🤔🤔🤔

Henry is going on a wall at my house unless my kids say pretty please for the painting.

Always watching

On the back porch a cardinal male is always watching to be sure there are no cats or squirrels lying in wait while the birds eat seeds on the back porch. He stands up tall and swivels his head.

I painted this with my tiny whiskey painters box and a water brush. The paint box was great the water brush not so much.

Thank goodness I had an old sable paint brush handy to the sofa where I sat as I painted. Did I say a new off white lazy boy cloth sofa. Oopsey. Well it survived and so did I.

Stillman and Birn Alpha Lamy Ef with brown noodler Ink

Cad red and alizarin bird cobalt and burnt umber in background and his mask.

Just back from Just Mercy. Highly recommend both the book the movie and the audible version. A true story of justice gone wrong in the south and how it was fixed. W

Margaret ready to knit.


I meant to paint all day today but NOPE I spent most of it on online chat trying to fix the image sizes on my site. Still not sure how it went astray but I think it’s fixed now.

I drew this sketch of Zoe this am in a tiny Stillman and Birn Alpha. With a regular lead pencil. Maybe I will draw her again tomorrow and fill the little book up. Just enough challenge for a daily drawing?!

I did think to paint her til I spent all day on the computer.

Then I spent a couple more hours photographing and sizing and entering an art show.

I entered Morning Joe

And Gypsy. Two of my favorites that I have painted recently.

So now I have actually done something to deserve a nap but first cooking some Chinese dumplings. Well maybe.

Hugs Margaret Xoxoxox

Heading to Brevard

I past this cute cabin on the way into Brevard over the holidays but lazy me just got around to painting the sketch.

I stood on the side of Highway 64 on a bright cool day to draw the cabin which was so cheery and bright in its field. Not always easy to find a place to draw on the busy windy mountain road.

Here’s the sketch. On some kind of cold press watercolor paper. Probably Fabriano.

I used a lot of white gouache on the tree in the foreground which was fun. Have a rough texture over the grey of the smeared pen.

Sky is Cheap Joes Andrews turquoise. Gold is Daniel Smith quin gold. I mixed burnt sienna and the Andrews turquoise for the trees greens and the greys. Love dual purpose colors

Micro Uniball pen.

Margaret ready to hang it up for the day xoxoxo

In Aiken paintin’

Don today. Hope you click on him and see him bigger. The background may change tomorrow. We shall see.

The sketch.

15×22 cold press Fluid. Hmm I have a whole roll of gesture drawings too. Was not thrilled doing another reclining pose. To top that off he went to sleep and his head started tipping toward me. And I mean tipped ALOT!! Not just a little.

Next break. I don’t know how I managed to get the holiday in his nose. It’s straight. Hmm.

Really like his hand.

Next break. Or was this when I was done. Not sure. Painted for three 25 min sessions. Since I wasn’t thrilled with the pose I had fun playing and really like all the colors. Lots of alizarin mineral violet Cheap Joes Andrews turquoise. Some cad red and yellow and burnt sienna plus ultramarine.

Always fun hanging with my Aiken peeps.

Drew Murphy’s. His first nude male.

Eves. She and I had fun moaning about Don going to sleep. Really messed with our drawings. Thank goodness I took a pic before he went to sleep.

Loved Joya Jimenez- Stefanos pastel – that leg coming forward is so dynamic.

And Bills oil- lovely soft pastely colors that don’t show well in the light I took this in.

Wish I had gotten a photo of Amy Lockhard Nesss oh so interesting scribble drawings she made with a weird Mephisto pencil she got in Bulgaria. It only smeared when she used a tortillon. Hmmm.

Well that’s a wrap people. Come join us for some Aiken fun. T or Saturday. Oh and Plein air on Fridays.

Margaret tucked in for the evening. Freezing cold. A high of 39. Whaaaaatttt??