I see a bird

A purple finch to be exact. I think they are the cutest birds. This time of the year they fluff up their feathers looking even cuter.

I watched one fat happy and fluffy in a pile of bird seed on the back porch. It was in bird heaven. It settled down for a long winters snack. I noticed my cat creeping up. Had to chase me fat and happy off his like of seed.

Spent most of the day cleaning out the last of Christmas and looking for a painting of my nephew which I need to get framed and enter in splash.

Of course it was the last place I looked. Why is that?? To make it worse it was under another wc painting I had hung from a binders clip. She was hiding him. Got to get them both to the framers soon. Before Kristin shoots me for saying I needed it yesterday. Oh and better bake her that long owed batch of choc chip cookies. Ops.

Socks are done. House is cleaner so not a total loss. Next up a pair of magenta socks with polka dots. Seriously I need to get some painting done.

Margaret ready for her four o’clock nap. Xoxoxox

Time to post something

And this is it ladies and gentleman. Looking at it i think it might need a bit more doing. Like why isn’t the flag painted. Brain dump i guess.

My sock inspired by the wild hosiery of the March sisters in the latest visually lavish Little Women.

This sock is for Henry whose in this painting. I keep staring at it hoping it will tell me its done or not. Pretty sure his left eyebrow is too high but i love his smile and his hand.

That green post it is a list of things to do to him if i can quit knitting.

Margaret who has been watching Art Detectives while i knit madly. Great show and some of them are on youtube.