Done I think

Can u tell how I changed her?! It now looks like Ilaina. I only changed five or six very small tweaks. Take a guess and I will list what I changed tomorrow.

Here’s how she looked about ten minutes ago. That’s about how long it took to make the changes.

Drew Murphy’s. I forgot to post these yesterday. He’s been using a new kind of acrylic paint from Holland that he loves. Thick and buttery.

I took a pic when I thought this was Alexis’s but I think it’s my a lady named Amy who was next to Alexis.

And the gestures. Half an hours worth.

One minute vine charcoal on cheap newsprint

She did some fantastic yoga poses.

Next up three five minutes to complete the half an hour of gesture poses.

really like this one a lot. They were drawn with a general charcoal pencil Liked drawing with it much better.

And that’s a wrap for Tuesday life modeling.

Oh Dr Doolittle too much fun in a movie. Great cgi. And RObert Downey JR to swoon over. Think I will take my grandkids to see it.

Margaret Xoxoxox