Face masks and other things!! Aka BUSY!!

From last weeks urban car sketching.

Spent yesterday starting to make masks because if they work for medical people they will protect the ones I love from the virus too.

Don’t believe for a minute you don’t need one when You go out.

Here’s the article!!

I am ripping up filtrete filters with merv 1900 -2200 rating which is really good for masks but u can also use hepa vacuum filters. Just try not to puncture them.

Other fabrics you can use for filters.

You can use duct tape and staples scotch tape masking tape to make the folded accordion style masks. And add ribbons or scraps of fabric for ties. Get creative. Masks patterns are all over the internet.

And no elastic!? Cut strips across your T-shirt’s width about an inch wide. Pull on each end of them. You get spaghetti t-shirt strips perfect for ties.

I made this large pile of ties in minutes. Hmm leftovers. I could tie tomato plants up with them. If I had tomato plants. 🤣😂

So get busy. Some glitter might be a good finish!!Two face masks for my son with bad asthma. Taken two days of ripping and cutting. One day of washing drying fabric. Omg! And I have 53 to make. 😖😖😖

Stay well!! Love you guys!

Margaret who will post art later today after I get the bread out of the oven.

Winging his way

Her way to cheer someone up. I started her with watercolor pencils but shifted to regular watercolor. Pen is sepia Pitt pen on 140 Fluid cold press paper.

Colors used yellow ochre Burnt sienna burnt umber ultramarine.

Margaret ready to put on her jammies and warm up at her house. Xoxoxo

Online art fun

First up was Draw your feet with sketchbook skool this morning. They are streaming draw along videos every day at 9 and 12 on their YouTube channel.
Pentel brushpen Stillman and Birn Zeta
Use three colored pencils today with Danny Gregory who does the 12 noon show. He also has a list of drawings prompts which originated on his Everyday Matters Yahoo list.

Drawn with three colored pencils
Pentel brushpen Stillman and Birn Zeta

Last but not least I drew my dog Zoe after watching Streamline Art Videos on Facebook. Yesterday they had Johanne Mangi. Her dog paintings are marvelous. Wouldn’t mind taking a class from her but they are trying to sell their videos which are pricey. $127 for Johannes. I am sure it’s wonderful BUT I have one of their videos – did I say packed with info but put me to sleep. Seriously I took a good nap watching mine.

Moving on discovered a New Zealander today – a wonderful portrait painter Andrew Tischler. If you don’t watch anything else watch his video about painting his grandfather Harry. Marvelous painting. Just a little advertising.

Tim Wilmot does great YouTube videos. There are at least fifty about an hour long. Little or no advertising just glowing little jewels. On this one he even shows how to do a bit of photo editing with your computer. And a delightful british accent. He’s in England- probably the only reason I haven’t taken a class from him.

Anyway big day tomorrow scrubbing the pollen off the back porch but feel sure I will dip into the quick sketchbook skool draw alongs. Always fun. And Danny can be soothing in the face of this calamity.

Hugs. Stay strong. Xoxoxox we have got this. Margaret.

Out my back window today. Gorgeous spring morning.

The Reason

I didn’t get any art done today. Upset tummy from too much St Paddy’s Day fun. Don’t worry I didn’t leave the house and nope didn’t have any company over. Just two too many Jamison’s.

Tomorrow is a better day. Stay safe. Keep your six feet. Don’t hug each other. Don’t touch your face. And wash wash wash wash.

Virtual hugs! Margaret xoxoxo

Along Hwy 28

Somewhere between Abbeville and McCormick. Painted in Stillamn and Birn Zeta sketchbook. Could be my new fav. Lovely paper. And Fealin Lin palette.

I was off on a trip to the cabin in Sapphire to hang out with my little germ bombs aka my dear sweet grandchildren. My kids their parents called and said are you sure you want to come. Hmmm no I wasn’t sure. But I was packed and I was on the road.

Then my mom who is self isolating in Asheville said no I shouldnt go. My niece had already said the same more or less- No kids babysat by grandparents til the coronavirus is gone.

So at about Anderson I turned around and came home with plenty of time to sketch this barn I have long admired. Now I even have time to paint so trying not to leave the house.

Artisinal Purell perfect for St Paddy’s day.

Wine and Vitamin C

I am prepared!! And I have wipes and tp and paper towel and plenty of paint and paper.

Margaret xoxoxo listening to dr hymen. He’s so good. Thanks


i meant to start this painting or

Maybe this one

Definitely this one

Or my niece

Or my granddaughter. Did I?!

No I cleaned and I cleaned and then I cleaned some more. I scrubbed the kitchen top to bottom. I vacuumed I dusted I did the laundry I cooked soup I baked cookies I planted. And I could go on. All powered by two espresso shots. Oh my.

Maybe I will get them started tomorrow.

In the meantime look what I found. Hurrah. Now I have six!

Margaret be safe stay six feet away from others or better still stay home. Hugs I love you all!!


It’s a very busy Saturday

Emily a work in progress. Posting late because I went the the Fort Gordon Dinner Theater unexpectedly tonite. I had already started working on Em when I got the invite.

Going to add some yellow ochre to dull the red and maybe some turquoise and mineral violet for shadows. We shall see.

Emily when I left painting. Way to red in the face. I lifted all that red with a damp Kleenex and a flat soft acrylic flat brush -a Robert Simmons sapphire that never seems to rough up the surface as a lot of scrubbers including mr clean will do.

I also removed part of Emily’s chin. Hers doesn’t stick out at all but slopes slightly away from her nose.

Will post more tomorrow. Right now I am exhausted from a busy 12 hour day.

Margaret xoxoxo

It’s Saturday

After lifemodeling at noon.

Already changing her.

So far right now. Ilaina and I continue our torture. 🤣. Think this one is the best so far though her face is a little to red and the grey stripe on the left needs to be lifted.

The drawing at first break. Her face was still not right. And the right hand too narrow.

Second break. Before her face got too red. Sigh.

On the whole I like her But check back tomorrow for minor changes.

My favorite bit of the painting. Almost abstract.

Colors used cad red light cad yellow light cad orange alizarin cobalt Cheap Joes Andrews turquoise and mineral violet. Hair ultramarine and burnt umber but needs to go darker.

Greys burnt sienna cobalt and/or ultramarine and burnt umber.

140# Fluid cold press paper

Drew Murphy acrylic

Al Byre oil

Eve Crit charcoal

Fredliani as I have nicknamed him or Fred as everybody calls him. Rather like the wild colors in this one. Fredlianis letting his fauvism show. He’s even messed up his palette. Usually it’s surgically neat and orderly.

Ruth Pearls photo of a daff in the snow in Chickamauga Ga today.

Margaret xoxoxo

Winging her way

Her way to cheer someone up. I started her with watercolor pencils but shifted to regular watercolor. Pen is sepia Pitt pen on 140 Fluid cold press paper.

Colors used yellow ochre Burnt sienna burnt umber ultramarine.

Margaret ready to put on her jammies and warm up at her house. Xoxoxo