Day 1097 Two minute sketches at Dr Sketchys

and one five minutes. Done in a superaquabee tablet 10×14 or 16. W pentel brush pen and winsor newton travel palette colors plus all the Daniel smith quinacridones. Jessie Harding was an awesome model. She held the poses like a rock. And they were always interesting. Our new MC was terrofci too. Soooo funny.
Five minute pose. Off to Atlanta. More tomorrow. I did a dozen sketches and watercolors. No wonder I wiz tahred.

Day 1090 Zoe with a Z

She’s been glued to me since I got home. Haven’t drawn her in a while. I fixed that. 

She’s painted w only four colors. Quin burnt sienna cerulean Andrews turquoise and thalo blue. 

I guess this is my take on Alex Powers. Maybe I should write more in the background. Maybe not. 

The background was quickly brushed on with a 1″ flat handled Cheap Joes Golden Fleece. The whole
Painting was probably done in ten minutes. Very immediate quick painting. 

Zoe with a Z #jrt #jrtsofinstagram #jackrussell #jackrussellterrier #watercolor #ink #strathmore #aquarelle #dogsofinstgram #dailydrawing #sketch 

Ttyl. Time to play bridge. Rather stay home and paint. 



Day 1089 Henry’s Artaganza Birthday

I was in charge of the Sculpey clay table. Of course I ended up making lots of sculpey animals. Henry and I had been reading a dragon book so I made him a couple of dragons. Here’s the big one with his tail propped up for baking. 

I taught them to make dogs and bunnies and elephants and snakes. 

The snakes made out of leftovers were highly popular because they were easy to do. 

Sculpey scraps are too expensive to toss out so we picked up all the scraps and made logs, coiled them up and cut a mouth with a plastic knife. Add a tongue. Voila a snake.  

On the right are a few stray bracelets made the same way. Wish I had thought of them sooner. 

Ok here’s Henry the birthday boy in the piñata line. I have never seen so many kids line up obediently to break a piñata!  

Art stations on go. Line strung on fence for paintings. Lots of markers and chalk. 

And the required bouncy house.  The kids had too much fun. A lot of hard work. It was definitely a hit!! Try it. You might like it.  

Margaret xoxoxo 

Day 1085 Back Porch Denizens 

I wanted to draw the birds at the feeder on the back deck but none showed up except the male Cardinal so I started drawing the squirrels. I always wonder what they are thinking. They hung around upside down for quite a while instead of pouncing on the seed. Huh?!  And I wondered why. And scribbled down as I drew. 

I had multiple problems with the background. The animal painting went fast and I was pleased with them except the goldfinch who annoyed me for a while til I took the hump out of his back.  I converted the painting to grey tones and realized it was all the same tone except for the birds. I like andres turquoise but it was too close to greys in tone. 

So I painted the background Antwerp Blue and laid it on to heavy. Since this is Strathmore 400 wc sketchbook it was easy to lift and boot off the color but it left hard edges on the squirrel tails. Oops. 

So I wet and whipped away some color and added more to the tails.
Anyway off to Atlanta for Henry’s fifth birthday. How can he be that old?! Margaret xoxoxo. 

Day 1080 A Mountain Sketchbook 

My pencil adventures continue. 

Been working on a sketchbook of our time in Sapphire. 

Eventually I hope to fill it with sketches from our time spent there. I know I will be adding the eclipse next month and wild flowers to it. 

The view from the Cabin front porch. The Thompson River and the picnic shed.  

 Alot of painting to do still. 

One of our favorite restaurants Cornucopia in Cashiers. 

Fourth of July on the Green in Cashiers. 

The crowd on the green. 

Our picnic on the green and our favorite popsicle vendor. 

Kids watching videos in the morning.  
And the wild flowers from the meadow. 

Maybe it will be a Christmas present. Maybe I will keep it. We shall see. 

Ttyl laundry to do groceries to be bought dog hair to vacuum and paintings to be finished. Stay tuned!! 

Margaret xoxoxoxo

Day 1079 Last day in the mountains 

Another sketchbook half full and lots of paintings to finish of Brevard, Sapphire,  Sweetwater Fly Fishing Camp, and Cashiers NC truly one of the most beautiful spots in this country if not the world. 

One thing that’s predictable about cabin time is the kids will be watching a video in the morning while the adults laze around with hot morning beverages. You will find that the kids are not still at all but continually wiggling around as they watch. Eeekkk. Til I drew these I thought they were  still but no  they were flipping flopping occasionally poking each other eating cereal. 

Ttyl I  need a nap after loading up and driving home. Xoxoxo Margaret 

Day 1078 There are days you can’t paint 

And today was one. I guess you have to practice painting bouquets a la Charles Reid.  Right now I am blaming the cold press Kilimanjaro this is painted on in my sketchbook but it could also be the 69% humidity. 

May give it another go tomorrow. The wild flowers are so pretty here.  All the flowers in this painting grow in the field in front of my sons cabin in Sapphire. 

The field starts off with buttercups, lupin,  and wild iris in the spring. 

Summer flowers galore all over the property.  

Day lilies and hosta. 

Banks of rhodendrons and lace cap hydrangeas  surround the valley and river the cabin sits by right now. 

The flowers run along Thompson River a  trout river, the swimming hole and waterfall – one of six on the property. 

Next to bloom the Joe Pye weed!! 

Top it off with a high around 80. A piece of heaven. 
Plenty of flowers to practice on. Even if I have to do it at home. 

Ttyl Margaret gone fishing! Xoxoxoxo

Day 1076 – Mermaid Duckies

A whole bag full. Each one in mermaid finery with long tresses adorned with starfish and scallops shell tops. Part of the fun for Livias birthday next month- the theme will be water fun. 

If you need some rubber mermaid duckies Oriental Trading Company will be glad to send you some. 

A Happy Fourth to you. Margaret xoxoxo hopefully enjoying cooler mountain weather 

Day 1075 -Cars again 

Happy Fourth of July holidays!!  

Looking for something to draw the other day to complete a spread of cars and I thought Henry has lots of them.  Could I find any so I could choose them. 

Nope just two. The woody was much more interesting to draw than the yellow one but Henry loved that I drew them and wrote a story about his cars.  
Ttyl Margaret off to Sapphire Valley in The North Carolina mountains for the holidays. Xoxoxo