Day 2096 Portrait time

Monday is portrait class over in Aiken. Can’t remember our models name. She has. A few issues. Forehead too high. The dent to the left of her eye is too deep but maybe her cheeks too fat. And the right shoulder needs some definition.

First break. She looks like a ghost. NO PENCIL sketch. Eeek. Always makes me nervous. But it can be done. Onward and upward.

Second break. That ghost is still there. I do t seem to make much progress drawing the beginning with paint. And it definitely stresses me out that I can’t erase it.

Third break. I get tired of poking about and slap the paint on.

I lifted bits of white to the left of her left eye but think it may be a bit too much. So I will stare at her a while and decide.

Colors used. Charles Reid palette. Used a lot of opera pink since she had a rosey glow with a mix of cad red light and cad yw light for flesh. Cerulean cobalt peacock blue burnt sienna on the face

Hair is a wash of cad yellow light first. Then yellow ochre burnt sienna cerulean mixed with burnt umber and finally cobalt mixed w Burnt umber. Her hair like a lot of blondes has a lot of greys in it cerulean makes a great grey.

Oh and that black dot on her right cheek is NOT a mole but where I touched it w my dirty pinky knuckle. Sigh.

Top is yellow ochre burnt umber alizarin and cad yellow light.

Margaret who has a headache from stressing over the painting. What we do for fun. But the sinister grunge seems to be gone. Hurrah. Xoxoxox

Day 2095 Crud that keeps giving

Or is it just stopped up sinuses. Either way. Yucky. My bird drawing craze goes back at least six years or more. Some early ones.

Parking lot seagulls probably in a Strathmore mixed media. I draw better birds now. All these were drawn while watching the birds.

Chicken chasing Parrot rescue in Pigeon Forge Drawing pelicans before we eat at Key Largo – Buzzards Roost. May be there soon hurrah.

Key west ibis from the Key West Wildlife Rescue. Love

These guys. They magically show up in droves when Lloyd the bicycle tour leader comes because they know he has snacks for them.

Love the ibis hmm and the chickens and the parrots and hmm I love drawing birds. Parking lot seagulls were lots of fun too.

Margaret year Xoxoxoxo time for Endeavour.

Day 2094 The Binge continues

Though nothing as memorable as Dead to me which I watched til 1:30 last nite. Something I never do.

I did draw my peonies from Trader Joe’s. Love Peonies. Lamy Ef with Noodlers Brown Ink. That pen skims over the page. Lovely writing instrument.

I popped my reference photo that I took of the peonies-they are dropping petals like fall leaves into Waterlogue. Hmm if I popped this into photoshop and cleaned it up a bit I wouldn’t need to paint the sketch. 😂

Ps I can recommend Monty Don’s French Gardens on Netflix. Gorgeous photography of French gardens. There’s also an Italian one I have not yet watched.

Murder Mystery with Jennifer Anniston was fun. Nothing too high brow.

Margaret Xoxoxox

Day 2093 A good binge

And you forget what you are suppose to be doing like posting your blog. Oops. Interesting show on Netflix Dead to Me.

Funny has lots of fun with the stroller mostly ignored the mom who sat nearby waiting along with the rest of us.

Vlads neutral tint all over the stroller in varying strengths. Got his favorite sword brush in the mail today after waiting for about six weeks. It’s a Rosemary 1/2″ sword brush. I can tell it’s going to be amazing. I should have bought it a few years ago when Liz what’s her name who recommends it mentioned. Instead I bought at least three other sword brushes because I didn’t want to pay freight from the UK. DUH. And that actually cost me more in the end. What is that saying penny saved pound foolish?! She’s an architect too. What is it about architects and sword brushes. Guess I will find out as soon as I finish my binge watch. Five episodes down and five to go.

Margaret Xoxoxox

Day 2090 Chelsea torture

Since I was taking photos for a sick friend I never took one from My view point thinking I had taken enough. But I painted sitting down and took the photos standing up. Argh. Makes a difference.

Chelsea now

Chelsea yesterday evening

Today I have been trying to clean up Chelsea problem areas.

I have lightened her chin and around her mouth a considerable amount. Trying to remove all the greyish areas.

I also worked on her eyes lightening the whites and on her nose and lips. Wiped out a blob of color on her right cheek.

Added pink to her lips to her cheeks nose chin and ear. All places where the blood flows near the skin giving a pink tint.

I am fairly sure she developed a frown by the end because she was justifiably tired after two and half hours of posing. The mouth was the last thing I painted. Thus the frowny mouth.

I took a wet Kleenex and just wet it and dabbed at it to lift color from chin and lip areas. And those ugly dark commas on either side of her mouth. Trying NOT to age her.

About half way thru this I realized I could flip the photo I took to give me a guide to mouth placement and to her eyes.

So I uploaded this photo to photoshop express on my iPad. I poked around on it til I found the flip horizontal button. Presto at least she was almost facing the right way even though the shadows were off. The horizontal flip button is in the crop button menu.

Margaret thinking nap time. Getting to be a theme.

Day 2088 Tahred from road running

One last sketch from Columbia. Wait who am I kidding two more I haven’t painted. Oopsey.

Snuff jars from the museum. Hmm I wonder if they sell them on eBay. One could hope. Like rows of tiny gems. Two inches tall at most.

Think I will go back and draw some more of them sometime. Just love these tiny guys. And each so intricately decorated.

Charles Reid palette colors. Twisbee pen now leaky twisbee Deartrementis document brown.

Margaret putting her feet up. Xoxoxo

Day 2087 Which do you vote for??!

Time to decide which will it be for the Georgia Watercolor Show. I can enter three.

Fudging my bets with one of a guy. Jake. All are half sheet on 300 lb watercolor paper. Jake is on Cold Press Fabriano the others rough Fabriano.

So hard to decide.

Which do you vote for??!

Day 2086 St Maclou

Saint Maclou Église is looking close to done. Hurrah. Because I don’t feel like painting today. Sharing the pics of the process so far I darkened the sky in this one w a mix of cobalt and a dab of Vlads neutral tint.

Built in 1436 or should I say started, St Maclou is a late gothic style known as Flamboyant. It’s over the top in its frills. Gleaming in the sun it looks like a large wedding cake.

Before I darkened the sky to make St Maclou pop. I also added a red orange mix – cad red light and cad yellow light – to the church door to demand your attention. Aka focus your eye. Still needs a lot of work on the left building but thinking right buildings may be done. Adding the people. I used Cheap Joes Andrews Turquiose and cad red which are opaque colors to make the jackets stand out all of which I dry brushed on taking advantage of the opaque color. adding details and detail washes on buildings. detailing buildings Dumped my photo into waterlogue to see if it would have a clue or two on how to paint. Love the red building but it would detract from my focus the church. Have always thought this could make a great painting. Rouen Cathedral in waterlogue. A free ap that turns your photos into watercolors. Sometimes doing s great job sometimes NOT. The sketch which took forever. Drawing on rough paper is NOT easy. especially when you want alot of straight lines.

The sketch I did of St Maclou when I was in Rouen in the square sitting in front of the Église aka church in a drizzly rain like today eating a meringue from a nearby patisserie. Of course not all the people were there at the same time. I just added them as they walked by. Then finished drawing the background houses. the medieval house on the right is the one to the right of the church in my larger painting.

Another artist painted St Maclou back in the 1890s. He turned the square in front into a fairytale story book like setting.

Margaret hoping she gets busy soon. So many paintings to paint and then there’s the house that needs a good cleaning. xoxoxoxo

Day 2086 D Day Invasion

When we went to France we went to The Normandy Invasion Sites. Aka Operation Overlord aka D Day.

The French in Normandy seriously love Americans because they know we saved them. This is a sketch of one of the Canadian cemeteries at Birn Sur Mer. We were there on Veterans Day and many of the people on the tour had uncles buried there leaving roses on their graves. The Canadian DDay Museum a fascinating place that looks like a maple leaf from above. It’s made with aluminum sheathing that glows in the light.

Arrowmanche which still has implacements from the invasion in their harbor. I almost got left behind by the bus while I was drawing this sketch. 🤣 We suffer for our art.

Ranville. The first city the Allies freed in Normandy also a site of another allied cemetery. The church is still pockmarked with canon shell holes.

Mushrooms outside another museum we visited. Pegasus Bridge Museum where the British paratroopers landed BEFORE the D Day invasion. Out of the 600 that parachuted in only 165 survived the nights shooting.

Another page I just dug up. The leader of the British paratroopers.

The invasion maps. – The la song sites -Utah Omaha Gold Juno and Sword Beaches – among rh coast of Normandy near Bayeux home of the famous tapestry and Areowmanches where the Bristish established Mulberry harbor a temporary port for the allies. Remnants of it can still be seen today.

Memorial at the American cemetery at Omaha Beach.

More Omaha beach pictures. One thing you can say about France sunny one minute cloudy and raining the next.

The bravery of these men was amazing and we and the French will all be forever grateful. The stories of them abound still in Normandie.

Oh bytw several shows on tonite on the National Geographic channel with actual footage from the invasions tonite. Have my dvr set.

Margaret getting ready to eat her chicken noodle soup. Xoxoxo