Tractor time. Found this one smack in the middle of Oakhurst in Decatur.

Slowly rusting away in a back yard near my youngest sons old house just off Oakview. As one of my friends said it already had a chicken. I think it might need one on top of the tractor too.

The sketch on 10X15″ sheet of 140# of hotpress Fabriano. Drawn with a .03 Derwent permanent marker.

Watercolor added. Cad red light ultramarine Prussian blue quin gold burnt sienna.

Done for the moment but I do think it needs something. I added some greytone Tombow markers.

Addendum: found out this is a McCormick Farmall Tractor probably from the 40s or 50s. Thanks have found a pic on line of the same one but doesn’t tell the model number.

Margaret ready for bed. Xoxoxox

Somewhere on the coast

Really need to finish this pot paint another. So much I don’t like abt it. Like tiny ant sized people. I could fix them if I bothered I suppose but oh well.

I drew another one. Not painted yet oops

Zoe seems to mother all the kittens. So strange. Evidently she doesn’t know jack russels are suppose to kill cats.

Most of them will. Too similar to vermin aka mice or squirrels in their little brains. If it runs fast they kill it. But ours never have not one.

Had a friend who had one who was vicious. Killed abt 36 feral cats she had been feeding.

She brought Jack the Jack Russell over to our house and he went after our cat. Jumped on the island to attack Smokey.

I told her to get him out of there and never bring Jack the JR back. He sprang from the kitchen floor to the island just by jumping from just a stand still no running. Scared me. We loved our kitty.

Margaret xoxoxo who needs to get busy being constructive but am not Motivated. Blaming my sinus headache today.

Bits and bobs

Prague Half sheet Hahnemuhle 15×22″

Spent most of the day cleaning and cooking. About two I sat down to work on a stack of not quite finished paintings. I think these are done now.

Old Towne Cuba

Cafe du Monde Paris

Now putting my tired feet up. No kitty or doggy picks.

Margaret ready for a nap. Xoxoxox 😴 😴😴😴😴😴

Pont Alexandre

Probably done. Half sheet hot press fluid 140# A little on the dark side.

The photo for inspiration

Laying out the pens to give you an idea of where you are going. I wish I had tipped my pens more well the ones for the light and the statues. Would have made it wonkier. Maybe I will do another tomorrow .

Initial sketch with a tombow. 65 grey I think.

Inking with a .3 and .1 one permanent fine liner.

Watercolor wash. Prussian blue dioxzine purple cad yellow abs raw umber.

More ink.

A detail up close. Needs more fine pen work.

Pen work building up.

done at least for today.

The queen of scarves says gooodnight.

Margaret xoxoxo

Three months later

Paragues, France #280 Cold press arches

It’s done. No clue as to why I didn’t finish it. The basic painting was a good one. But there it languished in the half dozen unfinished paintings. Some just drawings. Oops.

Here’s the original photo lost in the morass of my 30000 photos on my phone. The value sketch.

The sketch.

First wash

Keeping those colors transparent. Well except that black. 🤮

Adding more darks.

And I ditched it for THREE Months. Why?!

Well now it’s done and I like it. I wiped out a lot of the black by taping and lifting with a Mr Clean and lots of blotting today. Also lost some of the street shadow at the back. Lightened the clothing on the figures. Finished the signs. Added the red which I really like. Messed with the bush. I spent an hour originally painting it. Spent all afternoon fiddling with it. 🤪

Hope you like it.

Zoe dressed up for Easter. She likes to start early. The dog seriously loves her scarves. If she shakes them off she will try to nose them back on.

Margaret xoxoxo

Bordeaux Hillside

Bordeaux hillside.

I tweaked it a little this am. The photo is a little dark.

The photo

Vlad’s value study

The sketch. Hahnemuhle 140# rough cezanne

First wash. Ripply paper.

Sky wash.

Adding bushes everywhere. Midtones and darks too. Eeek.

A few more darks. Lots of dark greens and browns.

done and dusted and tahred. The peace of the roof on the house is off and aggravating me. Maybe I can figure out how to fix it.

Summers Day in Prague

Thinking it might be done. Prague! Love the Hahnemuhle paper. It makes the colors sing. And so easy to wipe away a mistake not that I would make one. 🤣 The photo. It’s an old Jewish Synagogue.

The sketch.

First wash. I had to blot my sky with Kleenex because when I added grey it started blossoming. Eeekk.

And then I forgot to take pics. See how dark the building on the right is?? I decided I had gone to purple and used my big size 14 loaded with water and washed it off. I was amazed because the surface was fine despite my treatment of it. Painting cars and people. Not fond of painting tiny people but do like painting cars.

Oops I lost part of my bright white while madly painting. But not a problem. I taped it up and wiped it off.

It’s the long strip above the small White House. Have to say the Hahnemuhle cezanne paper really makes the painting easier. The colors are so bright and transparent. Just like I always wanted. Buy some. U will be glad u did.

Ps the 22×30″ fox km ull sheets always show as back ordered on Cheap Joe’s website. So call them. Place an order. They will charge u for it when it comes in. And if u are lucky they will have it in stock and send it along to you. You have just won the Hahnemuhle lottery.

Margaret xoxoxo

What you see is what you get

With Hahnemuhle rough paper. Half sheet 140#. I think it’s called Cezane. I repainted the Havana arches today.

This was on Fabriano 300#rough. Not nearly so bright. Soaked the color up like a sponge. But the Hahnemuhle. Just wish I had bought it earlier. Whatever color you put on it stays close to the same color not fading away like on the Fabriano.

Something else it does which Fabriano doesn’t is you can splatter it with water abs get these drops. Useful for cobblestones and rough walls.

The sketch. A fairly easy draw.

First washes.

Well I got a little too dark on the arches oh well but see all the spots from flinging water at it before it was quite dry?! Nice!!

Adding darks to the foreground.

And done for now.

A wonderful painting of Christopher Plummer who died last week as Prospero. Stolen from my friend Gordon Shriver on Facebook. “Here’s a combination of two of my favorite things in the world–art and theater. Everett Raymond Kinstler (who died in 2019) was one of America’s foremost portrait painters, whose subjects included Presidents as well as show people. I heard him talk at a Portrait Society of America convention. Christopher Plummer has shuffled off this mortal coil, and this excellent 2011 painting by KInstler is of Plummer as Prospero in THE TEMPEST. Plummer did the show at the Stratford Festival in Canada. “Our revels now have ended…”

Margaret who is tahred. Seems to be a theme here lately. Xoxoxo

Off to Croatia

Second time drawing this. Not that it’s hard to draw but I got some new Hahnamuhle 140 rough paper from Cheap Joe’s after I drew the first one on Kilimanjaro 140 cold press. Vlad swears by it.

Today I made myself redraw it but then I needed a nap. Zzzz. Zoe watched over me. Actually she loves a good nap herself. Lol

A great painting by my watercolor hero Charles Reid who left us too soon two years ago. You can read all about him on Wikipedia or visit his website Charelsreidart.com to see some of his fabulous watercolors and a few of his oils that are for sale.

Margaret watching the Biden town hall. Xoxoxo

Old Havana the Arches

Doing a paint along with Vlad Yesileyev. Went to Havana for the day. This was it wet.

And this is what it dried too. How many layers do I have to put on this nasty Fabriano rough to get it dark enough? Already did another layer. Can not wait til my Kilimanjaro gets here. I also bought some Holbein sizing for watercolor paper in hopes of fixing this nasty Fabriano. I only have at least 15 pieces of it. Groan.

This is the picture. See how dark it should be?!

Or at least like the value sketch. Sigh.

The sketch

First layer yellow ochre alizarin and cobalt

The sky added. Cerulean neutral tint and all the colors listed above.

Adding darks.

Trying to go darker. But it’s always drying lighter. Grrr.

The way it looks now but will add more darks. Maybe it will behave and darken up. Who knows. Let you know tomorrow.

Margaret disgusted with this expensive paper. It’s $20 ish a sheet. 🥱🤪😩😩😩😩xoxoxo