My house

Did Draw with me yesterday with Danny Gregory on YouTube. We were drawing our houses without looking at them.

This is my house. Might have a redraw since I didn’t draw the woods in front of the house. Bytw I call the stairs the stairway to heaven. The house is on stilts because it’s on the Flood zone of the Savannah River and there are plenty of stairs inside and out.

Drawn with a micro Uniball and painted w watercolor in a stillman and birn alpha journal.

Margaret who has an urge to paint a black bear. Xoxoxox

Rivers Edge

Meant this to be a great post but I have a lap full of kitty demanding attention. More later.

She’s madly in love with me and wants to be petted abs cuddled. The little tiger aka Tigger my torbie.


I am back

Drawing with Danny from his Thanksgiving post. I was a little busy that day cooking and baking. Hmm I was busy almost everyday over the holidays visiting my son and his family during our very reduced Thanksgiving gathering. Just myself and them but we enjoyed it. We found out we could enjoy not working ourselves to death producing the big turkey extravaganza.

In the meantime there’s always next year.

Unpacking done. Now it’s time to catch up on art!!

Also trying not to binge watch Offspring on Netflix’s LOVE it. Only 84 shows. 5 down 79 to go. Xoxoxox

Finger painting Van Goghs blue room with my Caran d’ache neocolor 2 crayons. #drawwithme #dannygregory #carandacheneocolor2 #sbskool #sketchbookskool #stillmanandbirn #watercolor

Drawing with Danny

Twiglet Danny’s new Pugh puppy. Drawn with Caran dache neocolor ii. No pencil sketch first.

Namiki fude for lettering w noodlers eel skin ink.

I used the smallest set of Caran dache neocolor ii. Just the basic colors. Yellow ochre yellow burnt sienna black burnt umber and dark blue.

I can turn this into a watercolor by wetting it like wc pencils but maybe I won’t. Might go sideways w the ink letters.

Margaret tried from painting w Vlad and still not done xoxox

Day 236 A cuppa Joe

Been meaning to post this for a few days. My fav express cup. So I scribbled all over it. Probably too much but then I do subscribe to the more is better school.

Margaret who can barely tear herself away from the election returns to post this. Eeekkk. Nail biter. Xoxoxo

Day 227 Zoe Time

Zoe and I have been a little under the weather. She had dental surgery and I had a shingles shot that made me feel just ill Achy fever fatigued. My arm still hurts three days later. The first two days I couldn’t raise my arm. Not ideal for lugging a sock puppy up down the stairs. She felt so rotten after surgery she wanted to throw up wandered around in a daze finally pooped in the upstairs shower. She was so apologetic for that. I told her no worries it was the perfect spot. Try it again next time she has a problem. That happens about once every other year.

Today she posed for me while I held a chunk of cracker for her to drool over. Something I used to do with my old Jacks when I wanted to draw them. Also works when you want to take a good pic of your dog.

Anyway we are down to the last two episodes of New Tricks so ta ra. Been a fun romp that reminds me of the curmudgeons on the Closer.

Margaret xoxoxo still wondering why she got that shot since she’s never had chicken pox though she’s been repeatedly exposed to it.

Day 219 an oldie

Emily Acrylic 2’x3′ definitely shouldn’t be used as a gate to keep the kitties in the kitchen. They just knocked her over Andy way.

Tonites sunset. You can tell it’s fall on the river when the sun has shifted south enough for us to start getting sunsets.

Margaret whose had a busy day. Xoxoxo

Day 217 Assisi, Italy

Flew off to Assisi Italy today with Vlad Yesileyev on his paint along. So far. Leaning toward this is DONE but might change my mind in the am.

The photo

The value sketch by Vlad Yesilev. I am bad. I don’t look at the shades. Rather look at the painting.

First wash.

I use a muffin Pan to mix the first wash-yellow ochre cobalt and alizarin – in so I can save it for the next painting instead of tossing. I do have to stir it up before use because the color settles. Moving along flowers started.

Same colors as first wash and burnt umber dioxzine and Andrew’s turquoise.

Well underway almost done. I forgot to take photos. Oops. We added indigo mixed w cobalt to our colors. Should have had two windows but I messed up. So I have three up top. Another oops.

I decided I needed to fix the top of the left door. It was NOT aim perspective.

So now I am done. Pot kitties fed. Chicken pot pie in the oven. Time to put my feet up and snuggle Zoe for a while.

Margaret xoxoxox

Day 201 Venice Canal Part Deux

Or should I say Duo?!

Think it’s done. The way I left it Sunday after The paint along. I was not happy with it and thought about trashing it. Aka turn it over and paint on the back.

I actually used a large 1″ bristle brush to wash this off after I taped it up. It lightened up a lot. Thank goodness. Hate to waste half sheet of Kilimanjaro. Down to about one sheet of it. Eeek.

So I slowly stated adding color to it. Adding a lot of black and grey. Actually used ivory black. As well as mixed greys and blacks.

I also Added A grey unifying wash on the brown building on the left and across the bottoms of some Of the others.

I also added some blues-cobalt ultramarine cerulean and Andrews turquoise. And Browns burnt umber and burnt sienna mixed with blues and that darn Dioxzine purple.

Then I decided it needed some more black and some vague details on the right walk way. Oops I had forgotten them. Joes turquoise and grey to the rescue.

Subtle Changes so I didn’t kill it again.

And this is it now. Really like it a lot.

Scrubbing off color was so much fun I decided to scrub this one too. It too has gone to the dioxzine side. Duh.

Look how light it is now. This one won’t be so hard to fix. Not as much to do.

Margaret listening to the news. Xoxox. Stay safe and wear your masks people. Hugs!!!