Rainy days

And tiny pocket garden at the hair salon I go to. I drew this while I sat I. The cad hoping the endless rain we have been having would stop long enough for me to run into the shop. It didn’t. Story of my life lately. Running thru the rain!!

Uniball pen hand print journal

Margaret in the foot of the second cashmere sock.

Time to post something

And this is it ladies and gentleman. Looking at it i think it might need a bit more doing. Like why isn’t the flag painted. Brain dump i guess.

My sock inspired by the wild hosiery of the March sisters in the latest visually lavish Little Women.

This sock is for Henry whose in this painting. I keep staring at it hoping it will tell me its done or not. Pretty sure his left eyebrow is too high but i love his smile and his hand.

That green post it is a list of things to do to him if i can quit knitting.

Margaret who has been watching Art Detectives while i knit madly. Great show and some of them are on youtube.

What I have been up to

Madly knitting instead of painting and drawing. A good excuse to binge old Closer shows on Amazon. They are just like new since I watched them 15 years ago.

One more pair of socks and one scarf to go. Eeek. Christmas is early or was it thanksgiving was late?!! 🤶🏻🎅🏻🤶🏻🎅🏻🤶🏻

Margaret xoxoxo getting ready to bake a coconut cake.

A couple more questioners

I think Himes is one of the better sketches.

And turner is not bad.

One dem one republican. Keeping the news fair and balanced!!

Just baked a coconut cake and a coconut pie. And started the refrigerator yeast rolls. Two pumpkin one pecan pie and a couple dozen deviled eggs plus dressing and frosting still to go.

Hugs. Off to the botanical gardens momentarily to see the fabulous Christmas lights. Hope I don’t run out of energy.

Thanksgiving is coming.

Margaret Xoxoxox who did draw a bit too.

Heroes for our times

“With very little money the Russians have disrupted the greatest democracy in history.”

Dr Fiona Hill Russian and Ukrainian specialist on the National Security Council.

Everybody I know wants to vote for her for president. Too bad she’s an immigrant from Yorkshire England.

I do wish I had not made her hair too long. Perhaps it’s fixable?!!

“He was interested in the big stuff.” David Holmes foreign service at our embassy in Ukraine.

Stillman and Birn Alpha watercolor pencils and inktense pencils

Margaret playing with her newest grandson in Atlanta. Xoxoxo

Two down

And two to go.

Lt Col Vindman son of a Jewish Russian immigrant who left the USSR because of Jewish persecution by the Communists.

According to Vindman he speaks three languages Russian Ukrainian and a little bit of English!! 🤣 The Ukrainian was authority on the National Security Council.

Williams a career state department employee assigned to Pence as his Ukrainian authority.

Have not drawn the other two witnesses today due to going to see Harriet. Super movie. Go see it.

Margaret off to book club. Xoxoxo

One for the Bins

Or the compost heap I think. The problems are endless although there are bits I like. I suppose I could fix her but I don’t care enough to do that either.

This is what it should have looked like. Instead of tired and overworked which I knew it was even as I painted.

Margaret back to her binge watch. Xoxoxox

Candace Bohannon

The other half of the dynamic duo that taught us this weekend. What a sweet heart and so talented. Can’t wait to see them both again next time.

I drew both of their sketches when they were standing mere feet from me. I think Candace looks a bit older than she does in real life. She’s glowingly 7 months pregnant but that didn’t slow her down a bit.

Everytime I see that delicious nude she painted on the first page of her website I wish I had bought the one she brought to class to sell. It just glowed. That’s what tempera does when it’s complete and polished.

Well I have completed my order of pigments from Natural pigments Wonder if I will like stirring up my own paints?! Something new in art I haven’t tried. Also need to finish my painting and polish her. Maybe tomorrow.

If not when I return from Daufuskie. Margaret ready for bed. Xoxoxox

Crash and burn

The first ink layer

Taking a painting class in Raleigh with Julio Reyes and Candace Bohannon on egg tempura painting like Andrew Wyeth did.

My friend Mike talked me into taking it because she loves Andrew Wyeth and his realism.

First we mixed our egg tempura paint. That took all day.

We separated our yolks from the eggs and rolled them around on paper towel to remove the last of the egg white.

Then we pierced the egg yolk sack and squeezed the yolk out.

You have to check your paint to see if your paint mix is thick enough by painting stripes letting them dry and scraping them off.

If they curl the egg tempura is thick enough.

Step 2 the watercolor underlayer. Not wild about the greys but ok.

Now I hate it. Blobby streaky ickkkk. I hear it gets worse before it gets better. Let’s hope it does. The only thing I still like about her is the hair.

And don’t tell my friends but I used a size 0 and a 1 on this painting. Eeek. I never use anything smaller than a ten.

What was I thinking of???

Margaret in rainy Raleigh xoxoxo