Day 1148. DISCOMBOBULATED STiLL? It’s Saturday

Thinking she requires more work. Body looks great but the head. Hmm too small or what is that growing beneath her nose.

And my big toe HURTS from the enamel pan karate chop. Blaming it for her

mustache. And her mouth. eekkk.

I didn’t realize my easel was collapsing. The antique enamel meat tray fell and karate chopped two of my toes. My big toe and the next one. Still hurts three hours later. But I thought I was going to have to sit down and cry when it happened. As someone Ilaina? said nothing like toe pain. đŸ˜±đŸ˜°

Maybe I will just cut her head off. Lol.

Drew wins this week.

Ruth Pearls lovely pastel! She came to see us from Chattanooga. We miss her.

Al Beyer’s huge one. Maybe I should have done her back. Much less to deal with.

Jeremy’s lovely head. Colored pencil. Limited palette

Sweet Katie Padgett’s pencil and colored pencil.

Alex’s Another beautiful sketch. To think he will erase it.


Fred’s always makes me smile.


Tom Needham’s. Love

That blue.

Don’t know his name. Quite interesting. Oil on what looks like Arches watercolor paper.

Drew Murphy’s from last week. Jessica. LOVE This one.

Day 1147 Inner Bean

If it weren’t for the inner bean and chic fil a I don’t know where I would eat. Oh. Maybe at home. Lol.

Just a quick sketch. My style of sketching has changed slightly w the Lamy Safari. More contour than representational which makes for wonky people. But I like wonky.

Ted Nuttalls transparent palette plus cerulean some white grease pencil and white gel pen which always seem to die on me. Stillman and Birn Alpha.

Company coming!! got to run. One thing about company makes you clean the house.

Hugs margaret xoxoxo

Day 1145 Discombobulated.

I feel like I have been running like a chicken with my head cut off for the last two weeks. Not painting just running to keep up. Sorry to offer nothing more than a sketch.

Now back to that nap.

Hugs margaret whose going to do better but I really do like this sketch.

Margaret xoxoxox

Day 1144 Teaching a Watercolor class.

Got a feeling there are going to be more roses in my future. This is the Rose I painted along with the class. Lots of discussion of types of paper, brushes and types of paint. This was painted with three colors. Rose Madder, cad yellow and thalo blue. A lot of wet on wet technique.

Student Ann Gilmore’s very first watercolor ever. She did a great job!!

I showed them how to use saral. As my friend Raisin said, “We are not here to learn to draw. We are here to paint!!”

Students get a deer in the headlight look when you mention draw. Just like anything done well it takes practice and most people think you should be born drawing. With saral you can blow up a photo and transfer it easily to paper or canvas.

Zoe loves the new quilt.

Ttyl. Margaret binding a quilt xoxox

Day 1143 Nancy Couick

Watching a YouTube video by Nancy Couicks class on what u can do with an iPhone and iPad for painting. She has a plug in drive that will read your camera cards and add them to your iPad OR PHONE!!! I need I need. $29

There are a lot of other tips too. Well worth the watch.

Day 1142 Alex Baldwin 

Alex Baldwin ( FOR SALE at Wolf and Finch Gallery!!) won the Emmy for  best supporting actor last night so I had to repost this. He was awesome. Cracked me up when he said “I suppose I should say Mr President here is your Emmy! ” what else can I say. Drawn live off of CBS Sunday Morning. I meant to draw A,ex but he wanted me to draw him and DT.
So here’s Mr Baldwin in all his DT glory. BYTW SNL won too. Banner night for them!

Drawn with a pentel brush pen on arches cold press 300#. Painted alle prima with Ted Nuttalls transparent palette.
Ttyl Margaret teaching a watercolor class. eeeekkk! Xoxoxo

Day 1141 live sketching 

This girl had a beautiful voice. Not sure of her name but she’s from Killeen Tx. Background is Caran dache neocolor ii that I sprayed with a fine mister spray bottl. BYTW it’s great for cooling off to when you are hot. B

I didn’t get back downtown to draw more of the bands but I did do some street sketches. It was just to darn hot this year. I was dripping when I went with my family yesterday. I ducked into Wolf and Finch. Dare I say the show looked amazing. Never seen anything as cutting edge in Augusta. Wonderful provocative art. I hope you got to stop by! 
Margaret cheering for Alex Baldwin who won the emmys best supporting actor xoxox