Day 1203 Moh people

As my granddaughter Livie would say.

Watching Sketchbookskool Office Live video the other nite I drew Koosje and Jean Christophe. I like hers best. I colored it last nite with my watercolor pencils.

Sorry I just love the crazy red I added to both of them. Just added more to Jean Christophe. He was very interesting to listen to. He’s a hobby sketcher though he publishes. His day job started as an engineer. Love the fact that he draws his vacation photos when he’s home and his friends think he’s still off on vacation. Too funny. Interesting show though I do wish they would make him the bigger screen instead of koosje. Then we could see his sketchbooks better.

Before I added white gouache to his head to get rid of the white line. He has such a nice round head I had to add more to it.

And now it’s shower time. Been mucking out the house today and I am tired and dirty. And since it was 82 a little sweaty!

Margaret xoxoxo who has a few animals to color now.

Koosje office hours live Sketchbookskool. Great show. #sketching #drawing #watercolor #aquarelle #fabercastell #ink #stillmanandbirn #officehourslive #Sketchbookskool #dailydrawing

Day 1202 Sketching

Drawing random people at Chic Fil A and my salad. At this point I have no idea how many of those salads I have drawn or eaten but a lot. I need to buy stock in chic fil a because of all the salads I have eaten there.

The guy on the top right I think was homeless. Rocking and talking to himself but he looked so interesting I had to draw him.

Painted with Ted Nuttalls transparent palette.

An amazing amaryllis I bought at Costco

Margaret xoxoxox

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Day 1201 – Being Fearless and a bird or two.

Yesterday I pulled this out of the mailbox.

All I can say is RUN to his website and buy it. Not on Amazon though his videos can be rented there. Just jam packed with tips pointers and getting it done everyday. I also bought his color wheel and though I had almost filled by bird sketchbook I was waiting to get it to paint them. I was running out of ideas on colors. So I dialed some up and got theses two.

Blue was the main color green and red spice and yellow the focal color. Love the way they both look. Yes they still need stamps but I think they are zippy.

Just a page from Bobs book. Lots of how to too.

Don’t forget you can get his bobblasts here. Even if all you do is watercolor they are great. He calls himself a watercolor painter. After all acrylics are watercolor.

Two more of my fav pages so far. Only read about 1/3 ofnit yesterday because it’s jammed pack and I wanted to finish my socks.

Margaret who has a few errands to run in a bit so gotta sew up the toe of theses socks. Hate doing that. Xoxoxo

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Day 1200 Wow and It’s Saturday

1200 days of trying to post everyday. Sometimes WordPress burps as I call it and I find a scheduled post that never posted. No idea why. But I have tried. And posted 1200 times since July three and a half years ago.

Andrea 19×24″ Strathmore Bristol. That yellow tablet you can sometimes find at Michaels. Finally had to get a replacement from Amazon since Michaels doesn’t have one lately. Sigh.

Thirty minutes. Base coat of quin coral and quin gold shadows of dioxzine purple and cerulean . Drawn with a 4b lead pencil.

Her head had been too small so I added more hair and moved the eye. Eeek. And the upper arm too short. I erased the line at the top. Came right off. Sometimes they do sometimes they don’t.

Ten minutes later at first break. Added ultramarine blue and burnt umber.

Finished by second break. Added some quin sienna and verditer blue background. Also some white gouache highlights.

Twenty minute 4B lead sketch. Strathmore Bristol 12×24″ still has time so loved to an empty easel and drew this in the last twenty minutes session.

Jeremy Sutherland First break. Always love his Sketches. So gorgeous.

Jeremy at the end of class. Looks just like Andrea. Stonehenge conte crayon I think.

Andrew Murphys wonderful huge acrylic. 2 1/2×3′ no website but soon

Al Beyer even bigger large oil. 3×4′ no website either. 😞

Tom Needham’s small watercolor. Says he’s doing it again. Did not like the background wash. Glad to say he has a website.

Fred’s back. Missed his wild take on the model. 2×3′ acrylic

Alex who will erase this gorgeous pastel and reuse the canson paper next week.

Marilyn Hartley who currently has a great show at the Aiken Center for the Arts.

Coaches pastel this week. Love the colors. And the angle he gets sitting on the floor.

No idea who drew these but fun to see them in their variety.

Dawn acrylic 2×3′

And I think that’s a wrap folks. Some people got away before I got a chance to take a photo.

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Day 1199 Flights of fantasy

Prints cards and even some originals available soon and who knows maybe a book. That would be fun. Oh what about a T-shirt or two??! I would wear this one.

sorry but this bird screamed for this quote from is it Tallulah Bankhead?! One of the famous 30-40s actresses like that.

A new current fav.

Finally done with the painting but he she may get some stamps. I think it needs a green sparkling eye. Aka save the white spot to make the sparkle.

Hmm hoping I didn’t post these already. This one reminded me of a weather vane this he heading South. For all the snowbirders in my family currently crowding Georgia highways fleeing the northern climes for the winter. Every year they pop up here with cars covered with sloshed ice dirt and salt heading south in the interstates.

Anyway tomorrow big day 1200. Hmmm a retrospective?! Dunno. Will sleep on it.

Banana bread muffins cooking in the oven. Yummmm. Ttyl tomorrow.

Margaret xoxoxo

If you don’t have anything nice to say come sit by me Prints soon. #washitape #whimsy #whimsical #birdbrain #animals #birds #watercolor #watercolorpainting #ink #stillmanandbirn #whimsy #fantasy #stamps #gossip #bff #bestfriends

Day 1198 a few more people

Spent the day running up and down the roads. Guess it’s better late than never. Using my new favorite color verditer blue. Yummy color. But it’s NOT transparent. A Nice change from cerulean.

These are two of my friends. I was hanging out with Alexis for s while tonite. A fascinating lady. A retired counselor who I think was quite good at her job. Extremely perceptive lady. A big pickle ball fan. And Nancy who got her first ribbon in the McCormick art show. Yeah Nancy.

Ps I used my new palette to paint these. Same old colors. Quin coral w a dab of quin gold for the skin. Quin sienna for shadows w a dab of cerulean. Same thing for grey hair. Cobalt teal for Alexis shirt. Burnt umber and ultramarine blue for the blacks. Green gold for Nancy’s top. Quin burnt orange for her hair and collar I think.

Lamy in a Stillman and Birn.

Anyway bedtime. Xoxoxox Margaret.

Day 1197 people sketching

At critique on Monday’s people usually hold still and listen so it’s a good chance to draw people. I don’t even know this lady’s name but I liked her painting.

Sketched on Fabriano hot press-such lovely paper- with a Lamy. Love the verditer blue in the background. Makes a great sub for cerulean. And it covered up some of the damage I did on her shoulder since it’s opaque. A win win.

Loving this yummy detail from Dancing in the Streets. I did it with paint that has dried on my palette a little and a big three inch flat. GREAT texture don’t u think.

Just in case u didn’t see Dancing in the Streets which has changed again. I forgot to take a new photo. Oops.

Margaret xoxox who needs to did some dinner and quit eating Valentine’s goodies. My bad. 🤗

Day 1196 – sketching

Zoe always thinks it’s all about her. And it usually is like these two pages. I know I have a lab Honey but she’s off hiding somwhere.

Have really been getting into ink sketching lately whether it’s my silly animals or real ones like my constant companion Zoe. She was ignoring me in this sketch because I was obsessively watching Robert Burridge‘s Bob Blasts on youtube. Only 200 or so of those. And so far almost all of them have been quite interesting. Or I might have been sketching/coloring more whimsical animals aka ignoring her.

I might have even been getting the look from her.

cutie pie bird not done but going to be a fav.

Drawn with a Lamy f in my stillman and Birn Beta. Colored with Fabre castell watercolor pencils.

Yesterday’s sunset was a good one. Wish we got these year round.

Margaret xoxoxo another busy day ahead. I think I will go back to bed.

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Day 1195 Progress finally

Dancing in the streets is finally dancing. A lot of thick paint. this was the way I left them last Wednesday and it was boring me so I am sure it was boring u.

I smeared Golden transparent primary yellow with a paper towel on the background buildings after consulting with Drew Murphy this weekend because I didn’t think the painting was dancing.

Anyway it’s come along way and the end is in sight.

Margaret taking a nap on the sofa who thought she better post before she dozes off again.

Day 1194 Saturday drawing

I am blaming my misshapen sketch on i didn’t feel well. Still don’t.

Macy the model got sick and was sent home at first break so we only had 40 minutes so never got a chance to correct it. The only color on it is Daniel Smith quin coral, cerulean, and quin gold.

This is Tom Needham’s sketch. He sat right in front of me. Outs should have looked the same. Oops. Somehow they don’t.

Drew Murphy painted this amazing thing in forty minutes. Good job Drew. Big brush covers a lot of territory.

Bills oil sketch. Don’t forget he did this in forty minutes.

Lee an engineer. I cropped his legs off. They were too short too like mine.

Don’t remember who drew this.

Dawn oil

Amy oil.

And that’s a wrap folks.

Margaret who needs to get busy cleaning house soon. Seems to be getting to be a Sunday pattern.