Day 1296 John

I thought I had posted this the other day. I drew John twice. This is the second. Took about 45 min and actually like it better than the one that took two hours. So did everybody else. Sorry there’s no sketch. I get on melt down at the end trying to finish and forget to take a pic of the second drawing.

John modeled all day and never moved except for breaks. He returned to his pose everytime. Charles Likes to sit up under the model as class as he can get so I decided to try that too.Really makes for a lot of foreshortening on the face and a large view of the chin. A lot of burnt sienna cad red and yellow ochre. Hat yellow ochre and cerulean. Beard burnt sienna and cerulean

I thought my drawing was off but Charles said no so i wouldn’t argue with him ever. He’s the master. More hair added. Ultramarine and burnt sienna.

Day 1298 – The Party is Over😢

Plein Air?!

Ah no. Way to hot in Savannah for that. Think: walk out the door and start to drip in under five minutes – humid and HOT! 🤪

Tracy Marty and I on our way to Blicks.

A pedicab was the perfect way to see the city and inexpensive.

Watched the amazing Charles Reid paint one last time. The days flew by!!! That’s his sweetheart of a wife Judy with him. Only married 57 Years!!!

My not quite finished painting of Sitting Bull an Ogalala Sioux medicine man. We were painting from old copyright free photos because it was way to steamy in Savannah.

I had left my sketches at Karen’s 26 miles away by the time I discovered the fact. So I redrew him and forgot to take a picture of him before I painted. We were all on melt down to try to finish before three when class ended.

Colors used. Burnt sienna cobalt and yellow ochre on his face. Ultramarine blue and burnt umber hair. Clothes. Burnt sienna cobalt yellow cerulean orange cad red and a dab of Alizarin.

Then Tracy Marty and i went to blicks and did some crack drawing. A good way to get drippy. Must have been over 100 even in the shade. What were we thinking?!! But it was fun.

The Art In the Mountain ladies who ran the workshop Tracy and Marty had looked at my crack sketchbook while the rest of us were painting and wanted to learn how to do it. Can’t way to see theirs painted. They are both too much fun.

Then we went down on river st by the Savannah and finally went in the air. I think I was trying for a heat stroke.

Back to the hotel for the Ghost Tour. How much can you do in one day?! 😱 Riding the open trolley til 10:30 listening to ghost stories. Is Savannah the second most haunted city. I think my brain was dead by then.

The city looks totally different at night. I could get lost wandering around all those twenty something squares in Savannah.

Our hostess did her best to scare us to death. A great informative tour. suppose to see specters in this pier mirror in the Sorrell Weed Museum house.

Scary?! Not so much as the Key West ghost hunting tour I went on. No ghost sightings but I don’t really want to EVER see one.

Margaret in Atlanta needing a nap maybe for a week or so. Xoxoxox

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Day 1297 Carver

So hard to draw but so interesting to look at.

A sweetheart. Both the models are so nice. And did such a great job.

I tried drawing him like the second photo but was not going well at all. So I finally flipped he paper over and drew just his head and shoulders. Still a pain. Long nose huge eyes short forehead. And foreshortening of Head. Eeekkkk.

I finally got going trying to loose my edges. It was sloppy wet. Makes more problems. So I would try to let it dry. Waiting is not something I am good at. I don’t want to at least with paint.

More progress. Loved the feathers. Scratched them in with my paint brush handle.

More done than now. He needs some shadows around his eyes from his eyebrow to under it. Also want to paint his jacket black.

Colors used. Very few. Skin Yellow ochre cad red light and cerulean plus a small bit of burnt sienna

Hair yellow ochre cerulean and burnt sienna. Maybe a cab of burnt umber.

Jacket manganese blue and burnt sienna.

Tracy kept the models til five so we had an extra hour. I moved and started another painting. Poor Carver had been modeling ALL day from 9-5 by the time he finished. I know he’s sore tonight.

My 45 minute one. I wasn’t striving for a likeness just lost edges and letting paint mix on the paper.

Can’t wait to paint these photos of John. Love the pose.

a huge boat passing by.

Storm heading into Savannah.

Night night.

Margaret last day of class😔xoxoxox 💤💤💤💤💤

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Day 1296 Magic Time Finally

Watching Charles paint a person is like watching someone make magic. He twitches his brush here and here. Stating at the nose suddenly there’s a fabulous painting of a person.

John was our model today. He did a wonderful job.

Charles painting.

The Master Charles Reid the most talented watercolorist in America today.

My sketch.


More painting.

Charles said time to quit so I did and I started another of John. Let ok’ing at him he needs more shadow on his cheek to define his cheek bone. Maybe a highlight lifted also on the cheek and more shadow in his brow.

John and his Jack Russell Jedi.

We all adored Jedi

Especially me. Missing my Zoe. One more of Jedi and his dad John.

My second drawing. I had about forty five minutes left to paint him.


Times up. Hmm think he needs more hair but I like this one best of the two paintings.

Up to the rooftop the rain had ended.

A tugboat heading up river.

Night on the river

A paddle boat passing by while I waited for my car.Look who decided to jump in bed with me tonite. My friend Karen’s collie Carly. What a sweetheart.

Tomorrows model.

Nite nite. Margaret xoxoxo

Day 1293 One More Atlanta Artist Center

Every month the Atlanta Artist Center in the heart of Buckhead has a new juried/judged show.

The front part of the old house now gallery / classroom is a wonderful gallery space.

A few blocks off both Peachtree and Piedmont it’s a great place to take a forgive modeling class or just work on your own artwork with a group of like minded people. Every week day morning there’s a different art group that meets so if you are in Atlanta call the Atlanta Artist Center and find out what’s going on.

Here are some of my favorites from this months show Power Lines.

Tigris one made me giggle. Zoe would never stay in a stroller. She would have to check out her surroundings.

I do have to say I LOVED the Bulldog. It reminded me of Zoe a terrier standing it’s ground. Feisty dog.

Tomorrow Charles Reid!! Yeah.

Hugs Margaret who had to load up the car now xoxoxox

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Day 1292 Going to Miss My Zoe

While I am in Savannah. she’s staying with my son and daughter in law while I am taking my last Charles Reid class in Savannah.

Moleskine TWISBI document brown ink

I also drew another sketch of Grant while he was lollying on the sofa yesterday.

Lamys, stillman and birn, Noodler eelskin ink

Time to load the car and head out soon.

Hugs Margaret off on an adventure. Xoxoxo

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Day 1291 Denise at the Atlanta Artist Center

A hard pose to draw. Why you ask?? The foreshortened legs and the tipped up three quarters facing head. Both make life difficult for the artist. Since the model poses for three hours at the Atlanta Artist Center I tried to take my time drawing her. I got the head too small. So I redrew it. And redrew it. Pa drawn with a 6B lead pencil.

Unfortunately I think the head was still too big when I decided it was time to paint. I actually erased the head in the first drawing and started over again on it. I did lower the eye but didn’t take a picture of it before I started painting. Monique by Charles Reid

I decided to try to paint her line Charles Reid would. Put the color on once and leave it alone. And I stuck to that for her face and hair. When I look at how effortlessly he does these in a couple of hours including drawing and painting I think maybe I should just quit. But then I hear the call of the brush and the pencil to try again.

Flesh color laid on. Quin coral and French ochre whichbare both transparent. Also shadows of cerulean and quin burnt sienna. Hair ultramarine and quin burnt sienna.

Head looking way too big in this one. Oh well it’s too late. I finished her anyway. Dress is burnt umber quin burnt sienna and ultramarine blue.

I used dabs of cobalt violet and ultramarine violet on her skin and darkened the shadows.

The background is cobalt teal and cerulean.

Time to finish he packing up and head out to Savannah tomorrow for Charles Reid’s class. Exciting and sad since this will be the last with him.

Hugs Margaret xoxoxo

Day 1290 More Booth Museum

Ruth and I stumbled upon these sketches when we stuck out noses in the members room at the Booth.

Everytime an artist has a show they ask them to contribute to the boards. They are about 3×4′.

I think they are neat and might make a good fund raiser.

Margaret off enjoying Atlanta. Xoxoxox

Day 1289 -a trip to the Booth Western Art Museum

The Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville is a great deal for $12. It’s huge. The grounds are full of wonderful huge bronze sculpture of cowboys and Indians.

Western art is not my thing but I loved the Modern Art Room at the Booth. I went a month ago with my oldest son but didn’t take pictures. I met my friend Ruth Pearl also an artist in Cartersville yesterday for lunch and we decided to take in the Booth. The Mesa 20′ or so.

A lot of the art is just enormous.

These pictures are also huge like the first two.

A watercolor glued and mounted on a canvas or a wooden cradle. Directions on how to do this are all over YouTube and Bob Burridge did a video on it too.

Andy Warhols!!Two huge portraits of Georgian Doc Holiday and Wyatt Earp famous for the shoot out at the OK Coral.

Love the style these are painted in.

The Rough Riders is also colossal in scale. Love the brush strokes.

One interesting painting after the others. These rooms are just huge.

Love that this lady painted these on the back of her pick up truck with a palette in a couple of hours. Done in a couple of hours the Paint is as thick as icing on these.

Watercolor that’s about five feet long. And it’s incredible. The chaps look like leather.

Love this old truck and he assists take on a Van Gogh approach. Painted by a Navajo named Begay I think.

Lone Ranger and Tonti

Tomorrow out favorite painter ZzWei. If you didn’t see his show you missed it. It’s leaving Sunday.

Cartersville is a charming little town. Lots of opportunities for sketching. Good restaurants to linger over lunch talking with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Good place for a day trip. There are several of their museums including the Tellus a science museum.

Hugs Margaret off to draw another model at Atlanta Artist Center. Well as soon as I can move my tired body. Xoxoxo

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Day 1261?! Olmsted Linear Park Pleine Aire Day 1

The event takes place this weekend in the Olmsted Linear Parks on Ponce de Leon in Druid Hills Atlanta and in the Druid Hills Golf Club. I am sure I saw Miss Daisy drive by with Morgan Freeman.

Jill Steenhuis at St Phillips Cathedral on Peachtree.

Yesterday they were painting all over Atlanta in the rain.

Jill Steenhuis at the Swan House

Today was gorgeous. Mario A Robinson a famous water color painter painting at the farm at the Atlanta Historical Center aka the Swan House

I heard some of them were at the Goat Farm which is up in Alpharetta I think as well as some painted in the Linear Parks.

The pleine aire event lasts all week but most of the activities are tomorrow with all kinds of activities in addition to artists painting and art demos- music food trucks art displays. gAbout 120 or so artists are participating in the event this year.

I might love Yer Za Vue all the way from Portland. I went to her demo today in the park. She kept us laughing as she talked and painted during her oil painting demo today. I wish I hadnt scribbled notes all over these sketches.OH well. Maybe I won’t today. I wrote down a lot of what she said. Of course you know I will watercolor these sooner or later.

Here she is with the notes so took while she talked.

Here she is as I drew her. She was very animated. She drew Pocahontas Milan and LILO and Stitch when she worked for Disney in Florida. Now she teaches at Portland Art Institute guiding her lucky students to the kind of art they want to do.

She thought they would have a set up for her. A flower or a model. NOPE. So she decided to paint this tree.the start. One little line. She thought Georgia was too green. She likes greys better. I guess that’s why she lives in Portland.

She only had about forty minutes to paint this and hadn’t used regular oils in years because the smell of the thinner made her sick. She’s allergic to everything like me. I told you I liked her a lot. She found a cleaner that was cheap. She gets it at Home Depot by the gallon and now she can tolerate oil again. Something called Clean strip which is odorless.


Her set up

She also uses Gamblin Alkyd to make her paint thick and luscious.

She said the painting should glow from across the room and though it’s hard to tell in photos but it did.

I may have to go to Home Depot and get out my oil paints and use that odorless cleaner. I do like smearing paint on like butter.

Bedtime. Starting early tomorrow. Xoxoxo Margaret

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