Day 1080 inktober Crows.

for some unknown reason other than I saw a pair of crows on tv last nite I started drawing them about 10:30.

I stayed up til about 1 drawing crows. What was I thinking. I actually used google photos as references. Since I wasn’t copying them I wasn’t worried about copyright. Interesting birds. So smart.

Maybe I find them fascinating because my older brother had one when we were kids. Prince fell out of a nest in the woods behind our house and my brother hand raised him on cans of dog food.

When we moved to Augusta from Norfolk we couldn’t find him so he could come with us. He always came home to roost. The neighbors said he looked for us for quite a while. A great bird.

Drawn with my Lamy EF.

Ttyl margaret.

#Inktober #inktober2017 #crows #ravens

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