Day 1163 Inktober Day 12

Old Medical College of Georgia 8×10″ soon to get watercolor I think. Maybe not.

So hot this week in Augusta -95 today- 😳but I was downtown and decided to do some urbansketching for Inktober.

The first time I saw this view the train came and stopped obscuring it. Excuse me. Can’t the engineer see I was drawing?! Guess not.

I went to Art on Broad for some pink Happy buttons. When I tried again the train was gone.

I got out my Lamy EF and propped a piece of crescent watercolor board on the steering wheel.

After a little measuring I started sketching. The old Medical College of Georgia building is about twice as long as its tall.

Just before I finished another train pulled thru from the opposite direction. Whew.

Ttyl margaret xoxoxo

#urbansketching from my car #medicalcollege #medicalcollegeofgeorgia #mcg #Inktober. Day 12 #inktober2017 #drawingforsale #ink

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