Day 1090 The End of Dr Sketchys

really this is it. I posted this one the other day but am posting it again because I did this and the next one in twenty minutes. I started over because I didn’t like the ink one. Thought the arm was too big. Looking at it now I think her head was too small.

This one actually got to the watercolor stage. And I had a lot of fun just dripping paint into the background for a different look. That was done with a drippy brush loaded with color that was allowed to drip like rain drops. It was not splattered.

Twenty minute sketch. These are all about 14×18 give or take.

And the last one. I made an interesting discovery. I painted the sheet black clothes first. Let it dry then I painted flesh color over it so they wouldn’t run together or grey out the flesh. Her first almost nude pose ever.

Paper is superaquabee. Pen is a Noodler clear ahab with Noodlers Eelskin ink. Palette is the winsor newton travel palette plus all the DS Quinacridones.

Sorry for the late post. Walked in the door and back out. All day long. Very busy day.

Hugs Margaret. Xoxoxox

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