Day 1085 inktober Feet!!

This one was screaming for color.  Hmm they usually do. Drew my feet then the Feet words trying to cover up some writing on the first page of a new Stillman and birn alpha. I put my name and address on the wrong page. Oops.  But one of the things I like about a Stillman and birn softcover journal is their ability to lie flat when opened so double page spreads are enhanced.  
Since I had scribbles in the left corner and woke up dreaming about scribbling all over the painting I am working on it was on,y natural that I scribble foot related thoughts all over the page. 

Lamy EF Noodler ahab and a pentel brush pen with black ink. 

I colored it with my prismacolor artstixs. So much fun to use.  
Gotta run. Off to buy some paint pens to scribble on my big acrylic painting. Thinking dance dance dance at chat noir!  Hope al downt grump too much about it. 

Margaret on a deadline. Xoxox

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