Day 1086 Dr Sketchys part 1

Started this one over but looking at it I think I like it. Amanda was a great model. And always soooo funny.  Done with my new Noodler Ahab. Super aquabee tablet-almost full. Time for a new one in reserve. Actually drew this one twice. I thought her feet were too big and her arm too long so did a do over. 
The rest are two minute sketches done with a pentel brush pen. Perfect for inktober posts!!

I won the first challenge. Then drew a blank on adding an element.  So I wrote the word. Then I added my wink of Stella glitter markers. Gold black green and red on the monkey. He said he needed some too. Loved drawing the red monkey. Amanda would talk to him and was a hoot. 

Ttyl. Off to Costco. Have quite the list!!

Margaret xoxoxi
#augusta  #Amanda #inktober #inktober2017 #ink #DrSketchys #noodler 

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