Day 1087 Inktober My Frye Boots and Boot Jacks!

Finally I can wear my. BLack Frye cowboy boots. I have really high arches so the only way I could get them on is with a grocery bag. Then I rip off the bag. I only paid $50-60 for them last March at a close out sale so I took them to Fox shoes downtown to get them stretched. My friend Raisin said to wear them around the house wet til dry and they would be stretched out. Wasn’t into wearing wet boots. $16 later at Fox and a day on the stretcher they were still hard to get on. Was I not going to be able to wear them?!!

Then I thought BOOT JACKS!! These big hooks we used to pull out tall English riding boots on with. Fox just happened to have a pair. Worked a treat as the Brits day. Zip zip on went the boots.

Took them off tried on the second pair. The lovely tall gold ones I bought. HEY. They usually sell for $300. Even at Goody Two Shoes they are usually $110. And they zipped right on. Color me happy.

So I commemorated the event. Drew then with my Lamy Safari And colored them with my new box of oh so creamy Prismacolor artstixs.

Ttyl. Back to Jack Whitehall at Large on Netflix’s. A bit racy but oh so funny.

Hugs Margaret xoxoxo

My new Frye Boots #inktober #inktober2017 #ink #fryeboots #frye #prismacolorartstix

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