Day 701- a Chandelier or three or five 

Happy Memorial Day!!! 

Journaling about 5 Restaurant. They only serve five entrees five main courses five drinks five deserts, etc. Got the idea?!! On S Gay Street near the Market Square. It’s loaded with all kinds of chandeliers and quirky art. Just a fun place and the food is delish. The bread pudding. Unbelievably good. I don’t like bread pudding. Tastes kind of gluey to me but this one was amazing. We shared it but I bet u could have eaten it all by myself. 

The chandeliers were a pain. First I coated them with Quin good and let it dry.  They I painted and repainted it with a black kid. I finally got out ivory black and had at it. Then I got out the white gel pen. I had planned to keep my whites but NOPE that plan sketch astray. 

I had been using my cad yellow Winsor Newton watercolor marker. Perfect. I went over the gel pen and at least got some yellow back. NO I didn’t hit it with water. Who knows what might have happened. 

Thanks for checking by!!! 

Margaret xxxx

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