Day 696 – Memories

Best thing about a travel journal is the memories when you look back through it. 

Raisin and I shared some awesome deserts and a free shot of Jameson’s is always welcome!! 

This was a pretty great strawberry shortcake at Calhouns on the Tennessee River. The view was fabulous. Will post it when I get done painting it!  Riverside is a wonderful place to eat especially when it’s a different river than the one i live on.

The lines on this page are made with a Wonsor Newton watercolor  markers and a Daniel Smith watercolor crayon that I got at Jerrys Artarama during the demo. 

I color with them – draw lines -and then release them with water which let’s them bleed where they want to go. A really fun effect.  
And I started this last nite. Forgot to eat dinner. Must be fun right?! Hmm 🤔 full sheet arches 300# 22 x 30″ eeekkkkk

Thanks for checking by. 

More Knoxville fun to come. 

Margaret xxx

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